Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can't sleep....

Ughh I hate nights when I can't settle down. I thought that the reason I could not sleep was because the house was a mess so I got up and cleaned up the downstairs left the upstairs because I don't want to bother the kids and Neal. SO now it's clean and I still feel wide awake. I think it's this paint mess I have going on right now I'm painting the hallway upstairs 6 doors, the doorway trim and the base trim work then also the trim work down the stairs then the ceiling and walls I just hate the mess and it takes forever with the kids. I did finish the doors today and 3 of the doors are back up so that's progress.

I am in SERIOUS baby mode.....I think it's because I have been getting rid of more of the baby things and it just makes me so SO sad. I just can't believe that that part of our life is behind us but looking at this picture just reminded me how MISERABLE I was the entire 9 months....ughh yeah I never want to be pregnant again. I just keep reminding myself that there are so many more fun milestones ahead.

Conner starts school soon and is SO excited now. He is very ready we have been working on so many things and he is just doing wonderful writing his numbers up to 100 and knows all his upper and lower case letters. He is also doing great with his reading still has a lot of work to do but he is making this mama pretty proud. He just wants to learn and learn every day.

Ethan is still as SWEET as ever. That kid there really is something special about that one. He can just look at me sometimes and melt my heart he sure is going to be a heart breaker. Also finally more interested in learning but more so from his brother than me it amazes me every day how much he learns from his big brother. We have been working on his alphabet and on a good day if I DON"T ask him he will write quite a few kids are so stubborn. His favorite thing right now is swinging he could sit on the swing for hours. He also LOVES to play home with his brother (my least favorite game) It entails the building of some kind of hole and then piling up all of their toys the only good part is that they will sit there for hours playing and reading books :)

Christopher is less and less of a monster lately (I don't want to jinx it tho) he has been a little ham and ohh so sweet. Following his brothers but more his mama. My little shadow. He is still not walking nor is he showing much interest. He was doing so well when my sis and the girls were here but when I try and walk around with him he just buckles to the ground....stinker. He has been into EVERYTHING. He loves to TALK we have LONG such serious conversation and he really does think that I understand him.

Kids are growing and every day I'm realizing that this time is speeding by way too quick for my licking. Before I know it my babies will be all grown. More and more I'm realizing how precious this time is and that they will only be this little for just a little longer.

Well it's 1:30 I think I'm gonna go do a little more patching and sanding and then head to bed.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Little monster has discovered that it is MUCH fun to reorganize all my cupboards :)
Conner enjoying some "lonely" time while his brothers take a nap. I found these blocks at Target 75% off. Conner absolutely loves them they are called trio blocks and we had some but now he can create a lot more. They are kind of pre legos and come with instructions for building different structures. He loves them.

Neal has to go back to work tomorrow......booooo! We sure have enjoyed having him home though. He has a week off in May though so now we will be counting diwn the days till then. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Time with Neal home just flies by!!! One more day!!!
 Ethan and Christopher got a membership to the aquarium for their b-days so we have been going every chance we get. The boys high fiveing the diver.
 Pretty neat :) he did some fun tricks for them....we are early birds and were LITERALLY the only ones there so he did some fun tricks for them made them giggle and giggle. Very sweet!
 Playing with the star fish crabs and such :)
 Conner caught another gecko today.....this one was quite friendly :)
Just chillin and enjoying the time together.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet popcorn......

 Last week we were watching our neighbors house and feeding their cats while they were out of town. This turtle has been missing since October and while they were gone he turned up. We put him in their back yard in an area where they usually kept it but the next day he was found in the neighbors front yard SO we decided to keep him at our house until our neighbors returned. Our kids and neighbors sure had fun with him.

 The escape artist.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A fun week....

We had some visitors this past week. My sister and her girls came and stayed from Friday to Friday. It was so nice to have them here with us we have missed them a ton. For me it was like vacation they played with the boys carried the baby around and gave me a much needed break. It was great. Here is our picture story.
 The boys love it when we have company because we blow up a mattress and they get to sleep in our room. Quite a treat for them.
 We celebrated Ethans and Christophers b-day. They got to open some presents from the girls.
 Ethan trying out his new toy mowing with daddy :)
Baby loving his new swing.
 Madzia was quite determined to catch a gecko. She walked around with a net for probably over an hour and got all of us to look for one. Uncle Neal finally did catch one. Usually you can see them all over but I guess that they are much harder to see when you are actually looking for them :)

 Boys got to have an egg hunt. The girls stuffed eggs with candy and money and hid them all over. Boys had a blast looking for them all.
 While Madzia and I went for a run on Sunday Aunt ula and the kids decorated some eggs. Boys had a super fun time doing this.
 So fun!
 We did some hanging out in the back yard :) 

 A whole lot of playing in the front with the neighbors. We actually had to hose down driveway and sidewalks every night because we were ut of room for chalk coloring :)
My running partner and I. We went for runs just about every day :) This girl is in shape let me tell ya. 

 We spent some time at the beach this is Folly beach :)

 My little beach baby!
 We stopped by and visited the Angel Oak on our way to Beachwalkers beach.

 So awesome.......I love it
 Beachwalkers beach

 Daddy and baby sleeping :)
 Awwww....pure LOVE!!!! Hubby and I got to go on a date one night. Neal was not feeling well but he was a trooper. We went downtown Charleston and walked around down there. Went out to this amazing hibachi bar and are way too much yummy food including some amazing sushi. Then we walked down to the pier and got to swing a bit on their awesome swings then we went to see a movie :) I can;t even remember the last time we went to see a movie. It was fun and relaxing and to be honest this was the 1st time I did not even think about the kids. It was just nice to get away for a while. I needed it.
 I just love downtown. One of these days I want to go on my own for a day and just have fun with my camera. So beautiful.
 The pier.
One of the many fountains down there. 
 Another day at the was a much cooler day :( still fun tho we just walked around.

This might just become a canvas print :)

 Have I mentioned that I love it here :)
 Then we decided to have lunch on the pier but ended up going to eat inside because we got too cold.
Hehe....I also gave the girls manicures and pedicures. Little strawberries....are these cute or what.

We had a blast and did not want them to leave but all good things must come to an end. Now we can look forward to the next time they come out and see us ;)