Sunday, February 28, 2010

1st steps....

Baby Ethan took his 1st real steps today. He is taking off running and not walking really so things are going to get very exciting around here real fast.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food Gawker,,,,

You have heard me praise this web site many many times. I have been submitting pictures here and there but I've been declined until now. Today I'm celebrating my first piggie made it on food gawker. You can take a peek at my recipe under the food tab od by clicking here.
Conner being a little teacher. Ethan is just not interested in walking....completely content crawling. He stands on his own for quite some time and loves to push things around the house. Conner tries and tries to teach him to walk and Ethan just looks at him like whatever big brother I'm not interested at all. Fine with me....completely different attitude this time around. I feel like I pushed Conner to learn things a lot that it did anything. When they are ready they will take that first step or say the first word. I'm learning to let them be kids. Something my husband reminds me to do all the time....let them be kids honey :)

An image of his dad....

I think that Conner looks just like his dad. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything of me in him!!!

Our big boy....

Conner just seems to be growing up so quick. He is wearing clothes that I remember looking at and thinking wow it's going to be a while before he can wear that and well here he is wearing them. He is full of energy all the time. He talks and talks and talks and I have no idea where he gets that from because his dad and I are certainly not big talkers. His new thing is to ask why ALLLLLL the time. My favorite thing about him though is how concerned he is about his little brother. When we are on the bed and Ethan starts crawling he will grab his foot because he's worried he will fall. When Ethan is crying he will give him hugs and kisses or get him a toy to try and make him happy. He always makes sure that mama sings him a song before nap time or bed time and makes sure that mom AND dad both give him a hug and a kiss. It's really sweet to see. He sure has some bad moments too...hehe. His food issues continue to drive me insane and I wish that he would gain more independence in doing things on his own like going to the bathroom on his own (which he can very well do but continues to ask for help) and eating on his own better. But he knows that mom will just cave if he continues to push and for me it's just easier to sometimes give in. Kids are good at that huh...they know how to push our buttons. have to click on the image to see the pictures better. Conners face just cracks me up as he gets ready for that jump :)

Friday, February 26, 2010


I just noticed that I have officially the lowest amount of posts this month since starting my blog. Need to change that huh! I guess things are a bit boring around here lately. I do have some fun pictures from a water park trip to share one of these days. I feel like my camera has been on vacation lately. I really need to snap out of this slump I'm in right now. Spring come on get here already. I find myself checking the weather many times a day hoping that somehow things are looking a little more hopeful and they are next week it's going to be in the upper 30's...yay. We really do need to move south this time of the year really starts getting to me. I'm so ready to be outside, go running, go to the beach, lay in the grass and play tag with my kids. To wear flip flops and tank tops and not have to worry about MANY MANY layers. It takes me 30 min. or longer to get myself and the kids dressed in layers just to head out the door. The south is sounding better every day!!At least it's now nice and sunny!!! Well I'm done complaining for this morning and time to get some things done around here....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If you had the option to tell your employer that you wanted to relocate somewhere warmer closer to the ocean and it would even help you further your career quicker would you????? Taking into consideration that you would be further away from family!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello sunshine and warmer weather....

Ahhhhh the sunshine is just fabulous this morning although a bit misleading at the moment as it is only 9* out there. We are expected to hit a high of 35* which is fantastic for the middle of February. We will wait a bit till the temperatures rise and head out to do our errands :P not looking forward to it but it will be nice to get them all done before the weekend especially a weekend that Neal will be home. Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New layout...

I know this is moving really slowly for me but I'm actually designing my own blog and I'm still learning all about it and trying not to bother Neal with too many questions.I'm not very computer smart so that is why all this is taking so long. I have added 2 additional tabs by my header which some of you may have noticed. Food being one and arts and crafts the other. I have finally added some new posts there so feel free to take a look. This way things are easier for me to find. In the future I would like to move my recipes that I have previously posted to my Food section but that might take some time! I also hope to do a little giveaway on my arts and crafts section so stay tuned :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

new words....

 Ethan learned some new words today "bath time" and "bath toy" It is his favorite time of day after all!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stay away....

Our house is currently a germ fest. We have been sick for weeks now it seems and can't seem to be able to shake whatever this is. Every time we start to feel better the following day it's back and worst. I can tell you that if my kids are feeling anything like I am then they are real troopers and I'm the real baby. Of course I did have a stomach bug yesterday along with this terrible cold that came back full force Sunday night!!! Ugghhh it will get better soon I hope. I feel like I have been napping every chance I get lately and that's not like me. Naps are hard to come by here anymore too...Conner still takes a decent nap but Ethan has been taking only one nap a day and it's usually only about an hour I'm hoping that once he feels better his nap will be longer again.

Well Neal passed his 1st set of interviews today. He came home rather confident usually he gets home and is really disapointed with himself so he must have done well. Not sure what all this means but it sounds like maybe he will be going up for STL sooner than he expected. As of right now that would be in September of this year but I'm going with my gut feeling that it will happen in the next couple months. I just hope that we do not have to move and he will be able to get a store in the Madison area so he can commute.

On the home front things have been super busy. Ethan is at a hard stage right now. He is curious and adventearous and into EVERYTHING. I so wish I could put up baby lock things on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets it would make my life so much easier but I can't so I will continue to pick up and pick up and put away all day long. I am to a point right now though where something has to give and I know what it is I'm just having a hard time giving up a clean house. It's ok if I vaccuum every other day and mop the floors only once a week and it's ok if there are toys everywhere, we do after all have two little children.
Ethan is so close to walking now he has been pushing things around for quite some time but just not brave enough to let go yet. He is on the other hand saying MUCH more than Conner did at this point....ball, mama, dada, ma n chee (mac and cheese), that, was that, and copies sounds pretty well. Conner has been a little bundle of energy just goes and goes and NEVER EVER stops talking or moving. Needless to say my boys keep me busy!!! m

SO here are some amusing frazes I thought I would never have to say to my children:

Conner NO climbing on your brother
ETHAN DO NOT play in the toilet it's yuckie
Conner do not feed the baby Johnson and Johnson body wash
Ethan NO biting
Conner DO NOT pile blankets and pillows on the baby
Ethan NO playing in the dirt of the flower pots
BOYS leave the contents of dresser drawers ALONE
Conner DO NOT put the laundry basket over ETHAN
Conner NO locking the baby in the closet
Ethan DO NOT pull your brothers hair
Boys stay OUT OF the garbage 

The list could go on and on. I feel like all I do all day long anymore is say no or please stop or do not do that!!! But then at the end of the day we snuggle all up together and I'm re-assured that my boys still love me.I think that they are both ready to go and play outside so spring can not get here soon enough.  

I think that I will leave this post at that. I am trying very hard to be better at updating my blog but lately it just seems like an impossible task when I do have the extra time I do not want to do anything at all!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy V-day!!!!

We hope that everyone has a fabulous Valentines Day!!! I'm sorry to all that this year I was slacking and did not get fun little Valentines out in the mail but I did get them made!!!! Neal is working today and this is his least favorite of holidays but to my surprise he did get me a little something!!! It was a pleasant surprise especially since I was not expecting it. I truly do not mind that he is not a hopeless romantic because he makes up for it in SO SO many ways and I'm so thankful that he is my Valentine!!!