Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thanks everyone....SUPER FUN....we will have to do it again next year if we are around!!!
SUPER sweet....
Full of energy and curiosity....
When did he get so big!!!!
Just because we do not have a garden does not mean we can't enjoy fresh yummy produce:) The other day the kids and I went sweet pea picking!!! We love sweet peas here so we were lucky to have a local farm that has pick your own!!! We got stuck in a HUGE mud puddle driving out in the little truck thing and the fields were still a bit flooded but we did not care Ethan played in the mud and Conner helped me pick....he found ALL the good ones!!!! Then while the kids played at the little playground I picked some raspberries you can see HERE what I made with them :)
Ethan munching on a sweet pea!!!

Life here lately is.................................



slow paced

full of love



full of laughter


full of contentment

at times challenging


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just a few picture....

Conner working on one of his puzzles and Ethan trying to get a piece to chew on!!!
The other day after supper I gave Conner an ice cream cone and Ethan a cookie. Neal and I sat in the living room while they ate their treats. When we turned around Conner got in the chair next to his little brother and shared his ice cream treat with him.....what a nice big brother!
We went raspberry picking the other day. We got 3 pints of juicy sweet little berries not to mentioned all the ones we gobbled up while picking :) It was fun but because we have had a lot of rain here lately the fields were really muddy and flooded in some parts so we did not stay long. The mosquitoes were out for blood too....ick!!!
Some friends of ours live right on the lake and were nice enough to have us over to enjoy their private beach. It was so fun for the kids. Conner's friend Miriam was there as well so he had a blast!!! Tina taking them out in the paddle boat!!!
There they go in search of a lost beach ball!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear Michael Bouble....

Can you please have a concert somewhere around here sometime soon?!?!?!? Just when I thought that he couldn't get any better he does. I love this song and I know it's been out for a while but I just herd it again this morning.

Michael Bouble Haven't Met You Yet

Monday, June 7, 2010

Little boys....

Do you ever see your kids doing things like this and wonder....WHY?????

chuga chuga....

Put in the money....
Make sure it's in now big bro.....we don;t wanna get kicked off....
Hold on tight baby Ethan.....READY!!!!
Now shake and wiggle and giggle and go.....chugga chugga....tut tut :)

BerrY PicKinG.....

Early this morning we went to a strawberry farm only 10 min. from our house. I love doing things like that and I have a nice enough husband to come along although I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself as well!!! The berries were just absolutely sweet and juicy and a pretty shade of red. Nothing like sun warmed strawberries right off the bush. Brings back many memories for me!!! For those of you that do not know my parents grew strawberries in Poland for a profit, little as that proffit may have been.
 Not sure what the thought process was when I was getting dressed to go. Hmmm lets see....a LIGHT yellow shirt, khaki's, 2 little boys smearing their strawberry juice covered little fingers all over me and throw in a little mud and well you get the picture :) Not that I care I'm just like my two little boys and do not care too much about getting down and dirty....not anymore anyway!!!
Ethan is not too crazy bout fruit but he gobbled these beauties right up!!!
This one I thought was kinda neat!!!
And this one was without the color conversion!!!

Curious little boy!!!
Checking out the chickens before we left!!! Ethan is all about animals right now so he though this was very fun. We went to the zoo last week and he was so excited to see all the different animals.
Now I need to decide what to make with all these strawberries....a cake for sure. Those scones that I made the other day if I have the energy, I already made pierogie with cream....ohhh yum!!! 

We will be going back to this farm for sure. The people there were super friendly and nice! This little boy probably 9 or 10 ran up to us when we were walking back and carried the box of strawberries for us and then put them in the car for us after we paid. They will have sweet peas next week and also raspberries and also fresh eggs. 
Jelli's Market -N5648 S. Farmington Rd. Helenville, WI

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy B-day to my dad yesterday....

 Yesterday was my dads b-day so we headed to Rockford for the day. We spent the morning at my mom and dads then Neal went and played basketball with Mike and I went out for a little while with the kids to do some shopping. We then had supper at Neal mom and dads which was nice as always.  I got so many great pictures!!! I will share a few with you all. 1st up baby Ethan not a baby at all anymore :(
Babcia picked fresh strawberries for us to enjoy. The kids of course had so much fun picking the fresh little berries!! Especially Conner!!!
Yummy yummy!!!
Conner actually ate most of them by himself.... he loves "stwawbeebeawies"
Ethan picking daddy's nose and giving his "dada" bear hugs.....super sweet!!!
PuRE BliSs.....Love LOVE this picture even though it turned out blurry...I just need to adjust the lighting a bit in photo shop :)
Playing in the fountain!!!
They are trouble I tell ya!!!
Dziadzia playing with the much as he could. Can't handle the heat too much but he tried!!!
I love the middle picture....Ethan really likes his dzizdzia just giggles and giggles when with him!!!
And of course a flower shot....I get so many great flower pictures because they have so many great flowers!!! Their roses are in full bloom right now!!! H0w pretty is this. I can't wait to have a garden again!!!
Uncle mike being the great Uncle that he is giving the boys rides on a rug in the kitchen!!!!