Monday, October 31, 2011


Wow.....what a fun day but I'm glad it's over and it's bed time :) I will let the pictures tell the story because I'm trying to spend some quality time with hubby tonight too....miss him!!!
 We started out the day with some ghost pancakes
 Conner had 3 :) he is a growing boy and eating SO MUCH MORE these days
 Christopher who is not feeling well at all, DEVOURED his pancake :) After breakfast I got the kids all dressed up and we went to see Neal at work as usual. They got their candy and a little bit of practice before the big trick-or-treating night :)
 For lunch we had mummy hot dogs little honey filled bun-bugs and vampire juice :)

 drinking his vampire juice :)
 Ethan was a little scared of the little bug but he did eat it up. After lunch I got Christopher down for a nap and made the other two watch a movie so that they could rest a bit I knew a nap was out of the question today....they were too excited.
 While they were watching a movie I cleaned up and baked and frosted mearingue buttercream....I've never made it before. It's pretty yummy!!!
 After the movie we colored some Halloween themed coloring pages that I found and printed!!!

 Ohh Ethan not sure if you will have any of mommy's artistic drive but he was very proud of his scribbles and I was too :)
 Then the kidos helped me make supper (or you know make an even bigger mess for mama to clean up but they had fun playing with dough and making little balls and putting them in every plastic container they could find)
 Ohh yeah while they were watching a movie I hid a bunch of candy all over the yard so while supper was cooking they got to go on a treasure hunt!!! They had so much fun looking for candy!!

 Supper is done....octopus chicken pot pies
 Ok our costumes...Neal and I were pirates Christopher was a lion Ethan was a bear and Conner was of course spider man his favorite super hero :)

 The 3 them!!!
Sorting their candy....Neal stayed behind to hand out candy and I took Conner and Ethan door to door. I was in flip flops :) soooooo cool. Our neighborhood was awesome people in couches sitting in their driveways handing out some GOOD candy. Some people had fire pits going and just so friendly and nice.....good Halloween in deed!!Ohh and our neighbors went with us and they had the cutest costumes Nomio and Juliet....SO ADORABLE. Thanks for walking with us guys!!!

Ok now Neal is putting kids to bed so I need to get in the night :) Hope everyone had a super Halloween too!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sorry everyone....I'm under construction for the next few days. Would like to do a new design getting a little tired of this one!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

catch up day.....

Today was a day to stay home and GO NOWHERE!!! I so needed to catch up on laundry and cleaning. See the downside of having 3 bathrooms and 2 little boys who never seem to quite make it into the toilet is cleaning 3 bathrooms :p You know how little boys are, Ethan for example, was going to the bathroom but of course waited till the very last moment and by the time he wiggled and danced over to the potty he was a little too wiggly and well his pants never made it quite all the way down and his hand ended up in front of the drizzle and so pee was squirted and sprayed all over him the walls potty rug and know a normal occurrence at our house......sigh!!!
 How did he get so big so fast.....He is fitting into 12 month clothes length wise anyway : /
 He is sitting up quite well on his own now!!
 Rolling and scooting around and pretty much gets where he needs to get but not crawling yet!!
 He has not been feeling so well with a high fever of over 102 and diarrhea but no other symptoms and I looked in his mouth today and I see toothers coming in so I'm assuming that's what's going on. I mentioned on here that he had a tooth coming in at 3 months I was wrong the dot that I saw went away so he still does not have ANY teeth.
 hehe.....Conner tickling his baby bwother :)
 The view from where I little entourage they go WHERE EVER I GO!!! I can't even pee without them!!!
 Just chillin....Christopher without a shirt because he was HOT and Conner put the hat on him.
 He LOVES bath time he gets excited every night when I'm getting him ready like he knows whats coming next. he is in bed and the other two are all ready for bed already and watching a muuuuuvie with dad so I'm gonna go soak in the bathtub myself and enjoy a little separation/quiet time alone :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oooooo Spoooky......

Busy morning, busy afternoon, busy night......I LOVE it :) Kids and I have been crafting making all sorts of fun spooky things :) Here are a few pictures.....

 Conner could paint aor do anything crafty ALLL. DAY. LONG.

 Ethan is not as interested in arts and crafts like his big brother.....only a few minutes at a time.
 My cuties showing off their pumpkins.....I cut out different eyes, hair, smiles, etc and they got to make their own faces on paper plates. BTW this is the DR that I have spent the last 2 weeks patching sanding painting. The crown molding and the paneling is all done now we just need to paint the walls :)  It looks pretty nice now!!!
 we made these cute little bats out of egg cartons.
 We also made these out of egg cartons....I love how these turned out :)
 Conner helping me SPOOKYFY the front door :)

 All done....we hung the pumpkins all over the front door and hung the bats on a string to the left and the spiders are climbing up the house.
And I just loved that Conner can swing all by himself Ethan has been a pouty little guy so Conner tied the two swings together and now pushes both of them at the same time. It's pretty neat :) 

Well I'm tired and ready to relax so night night!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This and that....

a quick post a hurry to go soak in the bath tub!!! Neal did not make it home in time tonight for us to go to meeting and I was not up for going on my own tonight not that I could have found out he had Ethan's car seat in the truck. I finally feel like we are getting into a routine again and it feel so good. I like routines :) I will start with the pumpkin lighting!! I did not take this weather into consideration I'm not sure if the pumpkins will last till Halloween :( It's just too warm they are already looking pretty sorry!!!
 Kids and I worked on some science experiments today....they had so much fun and so did I
 Ethan and I have been working on the alphabet/shapes/colors....he is doing very well and loves the little extra attention again

 Conner is zipping right along through his pre-k workbooks
 This weather is STRANGE this morning it was SO HOT!!! I was ready to turn the air back on and I don;t like having the air on so it takes A LOT for me to want it on. Then this afternoon the neighbor kids knocked on the door for Conner and Ethan to come out and play and so we went outside in our shorts and tank tops just to go back inside a few minutes later because it was COLD!!!
We walked down to the neighborhood park this morning it's a 5 minute walk and Conner loves riding his bike there.

 We have a pretty awesome community pool!!! Can;t wait to use it next year....we may be there a lot :)
 The little park :)
 Conner FINALLY learned how to pump his legs and push himself....
 Hehehe....that's pretty sweet....He LOVES to swing :)

 Ohh and this is one our experiments.....they got to draw before and after pictures blue and red celery!!! They had fun checking on the celery all day long to see it change :) 

Ok now my bath will be cut WAY short because of the post but I'm gonna give it a try....c.ya ;)