Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

9 Months already....

Christopher had his 9 month appointment this morning. Only 2 shots today and a finger poke so not too bad. He as always was a little ham getting everyone's attention. Growing a thriving right on track though like his brothers his weight to length is off. At 9 months he is 18.1 lb and he was 2' 4.7.....long baby. I'm hoping to get some pictures taken tomorrow morning so came back again to check those out. Neal is home though so I may not get them posted this weekend.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here and Gone....

Holidays here and gone. We had some very special visitors this week. Neal's parents came out for a few days and were here over Christmas. SO glad that they could be here with us over the holidays. We had a couple nice days but I did miss the 70's weather that we had the days before they arrived. 

 In anticipation for the arrival of G'ma and Papa kids and I did some crafts. Once again Ethan was distracted with something else about 2 minutes into the project...sigh. Conner and I did manage to convince him to come back and play with us a little more tho.
 No snow here so we made some snow flakes for our patio door.
 We opened presents Christmas Eve.....we got some great stuff :)
 These awesome shirts that all 3 boys wore every day since they got them :)
 Ethan has been wanting a super fast bike like his brother :) he was one happy camper. He has also gotten very good at riding it.
 All decked out in his Lightning McQueen gear
 G'ma and Papa took the kids for a walk one night and looked at all the lights in our neighborhood.
 All I can say is that drive on walls and ceilings.
 We were trying to catch a carriage ride downtown but missed it by just a little bit so instead we headed down to the beach for a bit.....windy and bright but I still love it.
 G'ma Papa and kidos....

 Have I ever mentioned that I love the beach
 Then we headed to James Island for the light that place.
 We ate a WHOLE bag of marshmallows and then we went out for ice cream :))))))))
 Alll 3 in their matching them.
 Papa and baby Chris
 We also did a boat tour of the Charleston was so neat. So much History there and it was so great to get a little tour and learn a little about Charleston and the Harbor. Conner for some reason thought that we were going to go over a waterfall the ENTIRE time so he was holding on to G'ma for dear life the entire tour. Not sure what his problem was probably something he saw in a show or something. Crazy kid!
Our boat
leaving the dock

 My dream house and of course it has to be located in the top 10 most expensive places to live
 Yes I was there too

 We also had tickets to go for a carriage ride but we did not know that we had to book it. By the time we got there all the spots were taken so we were not able to go :( but our tickets do not expire so we will have to go the next time G'ma and Papa come to visit.
 We had so so much fun. Thanks for EVERYTHING G'ma and Papa come again soon.
 We have been having some fun with sparklers :)
 Just had to sneak this in here :)

Another busy day tomorrow! Neal starts a more NORMAL schedule on Monday.....FINALLY. So glad that the holidays are over and things can return to normal.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookie date.....

Every year my sis and I and the kidos get together to bake Christmas cookies. This year since we moved so far we were obviously not going to be able to make that date. The girls had an idea to skype and bake SO for over 3 hours we chatted on skype and baked cookies though I think they had me beat by a long ways I think they made like 3 different cookies and I baked and decorated one batch :) at the end of the night most the cookies were gone and I was still cleaning up the mess.
 Boys thought that it was pretty neat to be able to talk to their cousins....they miss them a whole lot :(
 hahahha....there they are in the computer screen. Ethan kept on saying I wanna go IN there....hahah.
 Sugar cookies all baked and ready to decorate.....had to improvise I did not have enough butter to make them so I had to substitute half with shortening still good tho!!!
 Conner flooding the snowman....we decorated with royal icing once again I did not have enough powdered sugar only about half of what I needed but they turned out ok.
 Conner flooding a gingerbread man.....Ethan lost interest by this time. Ohhh and yes Conner was wearing his Spiderman costume the entire time :)
 All done!!!

 Behind the one ever believes me when I tell them that our house gets messy! Well here is proof. I think we all have a tendency to post the pretty and beautiful and I know I do but here it is......looks much better than it was too. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed of the mess or sticky messy floors. I have kids and we have fun and we make messes.
hahah....this was just one corner......there were puffs and cheerios ALLL over the kitchen and I wish I had gotten a picture of Ethans royal icing footprints on the floor. YES ROYAL ICING FOOTPRINTS:) SO there you have it non believers....the proof!

Grandma and Papa will be here some time tomorrow and we are ohhh so excited. We missed them a whole ton. Looks like we should have nice weather too in the high to mid 60's so that is exciting. We were a little worried because all this week it showed rain and 50's.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just some pictures....

 Ethan has been dressing himself lately like his big brother so we have had some interesting outfit choices here lately. Boys helping me clean up the floor....boy do I wish they would just let me do it myself sometimes.
 My chicken enchilada JUNK soup....SO SO yummy.....I cleaned out my fridge of leftovers. I love making soup to clean out the fridge :) especially veggies.
 Conner just loves to ride his bike now that he has no training wheels...he feels pretty big. We just love this neighborhood we were outside just about all afternoon yesterday and all the kids are out and all of them watch out for each other and so do the parents it's just a really family friendly place....LOVE it.
 Our flowers are still blooming but......
 as you can see in this picture the grass is's rather interesting.
 While we were playing outside yesterday Santa drove through our neighborhood in a fire truck and handed out were pretty excited.
 Just playing....
 enjoying the 70's is actually pretty rainy and gloomy but still warm enough to have our windows open :)
MOMMYYYYYY......Close your eyes and come see our room.  This is what it looked like when I walked in the boys cleaned it ALLL up everything back to it's spot. I did not lift a finger nor did I even ask them to clean up their room.
 They even made their beds....well most likely Conner made the beds....I think that's pretty amazing. 
Conner's bear family.....I asked him last night where his pillow was and he tells me "my bears need it and I can just use a ball"
 Hehehe....just chillin....
All three kids napped at the same time today though Chris only slept for 45 min or so but it gave me just enough time to finish the trees. Now on to another project :) 

It is our 10 year anniversary whole decade has already passed us by. We are very lucky to have found each other.