Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am simply a bag kinda of a gal.....right now I'm wishing we were rich and I could somehow justify spending $75 on a bag :) I LOVE THESE BAGS!!! Well even if I was rich I could probably never spend that much on a bag but still....hehe....a girl can dream!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010


I am DONE cleaning. Our house is spotless and looks so cozy I love that feeling but I am EXHAUSTED and even have blisters on my hands from the Hoover carpet cleaner.....haha.....I'm turning into a softy I need some yard work to work up some callouses :) but that's what happens when you live in an apartment you get spoiled with not having to deal with any of that.

I even got a pie in the oven tonight.....this is my first pie this fall....ohh wait it's almost winter but I was determined to at least bake one before November was over. Can't WAIT to get a taste of that tonight after the kids go to bed. It will be perfect right out of the oven and I'm gonna go and get some ice cream from culvers to go along with it.....yummy.....a cup of hot tea and my hubby being home tonight will make it for a PERFECT night.

Night Night everyone....enjoy the LAST day of November tomorrow I know I am going to :)
I do have pictures to post haha......just have been busy. Busy cleaning, washing carpets ( finished the ENTIRE apartment yesterday) going through the kids closets, Conner peed in his bed so I had to wash EVERYTHING  (bed cover, comforted exc.) it was a nice addition to my already huge laundry pile from going through the closets, holiday travels and some  more :) putting away fall decorations and getting out my winter stuff, putting together Conners new MASSIVE toy, ohh and we are having a mouse problem.....ugghhh.....I'm calling the landlord today for sure we have caught like 6 mice and it looks like one got away last night. There is a little whole under the sink leading the water pipes outside and that is how they are getting in. They can't get out into the house because it's in the cupboard but it's annoying and gross!!!! And because I'm OC I had to wash out the ENTIRE kitchen and everything in it because of these mice. My house is still a bit of a mess but the carpets are dry this morning so I can start putting it back together....THANK YOU HOOVER :) the carpet looks SO much better especially the living room. It took forever though but worth the effort and the drama that went along with the HOOVER stem vac I barowed from my mom and dad :)

Last night was Neals last night at the Delafield store. He closed and was home BY 11:00 that's AMAZING and unheard of!!!! He comes home and then sends out his closing e-mail and stays up a while longer to unwind. Not long after he came home I heard his phone ringing it was the security guys saying that one of the coolers was not working SO he had to go back to the much for a good last night. He called later saying that he had to wait for the tech guys to come out and fix the problem. Not sure what time it was that he got home but I'm assuming it was early this morning. He was going to be starting at the NEW store this morning but now I think he may have 3 days off in a row :) also unheard of this time of the year. Trying to keep the kids quiet so he can sleep in is a challenge. He has not gotten a call from the alarm center in a while and I just think it's really funny all this happened on his LAST night. 

Ok I better go make breakfast SOMEHOW. The kitchen is just packed with things right now from the living room. I had to put it all somewhere so that the carpet could dry!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

For babcia.....

Having a bit of a crises at our house tonight so not much time to blog. More on these later just wanted to post these for my mom!!!!


While I was washing dishes Ethan was hard at work COLORING......yes coloring in BLACK marker ALLLLLL over the couch cushions. After scrubbing and washing and washing again I have not had any luck removing the BLACK marker. I'm surprised that I did not get MORE mad. Ohh well maybe I'll Conner and Ethan more markers to decorate the rest of the couch and love seat so it all matches :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I get so easily addicted to shows. My new favorite is Glee....over exaggerated High School drama mixed in with some good singing and a bit of odd humor. I love it and wish that I was not caught up to the current season which by the way is so much better so far than the 1st. I love music and dance so this is just up my alley. The show reminds me of a friend....yeah you know who you are......yes dear you are just like Rachel and even look a little like her and your love and passion for music, theater, acting, and drama is undeniably just like hers. Ohh and does Jessy remind you of anyone dear friend ;))))).....hehehe!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I want coconut SO bad right now that I could scream. I never understood cravings till now. I did not really have cravings with either Ethan or Conner I just wanted food and A LOT of it. This time around I have had quite a few cravings when I was sick and could not even look at food I wanted burgers and french fries even if I threw them back up cuz they made me sick right after I ate them.  The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and got up to eat an apple, I was not going back to sleep till I had that apple :) Tonight probably because I'm bored and Neal is gone and the kids are busy playing in their own little world I want coconut SO SO BAD!!! I've been searching for recipes but I just remembered an old 7 layer cookie recipe that is so yummy and Neal likes them too even with the coconut in them so I will be making them just to satisfy my craving :)

Friday, November 19, 2010


I do not understand!!!! How do I go from not wanting to eat anything to wanting to eat everything in sight overnight!!!! I stepped on the scale this morning and could not believe my eyes. Time to throw out the Halloween candy and fill the fridge with fruits and veggies. Last night it was midnight and all could think about was a Culvers hamburger.....and I mean I REALLY wanted a burger it literally kept me awake...too funny.

I even have been able to drink coffee. I think that was all in my head because I had thrown up so many times in the morning after drinking coffee that even the idea of it began to make me sick. So yay to feeling better!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts....

I've spent my computer time on making a new background for my blog!!! I'm not a computer wiz so it takes me a while to get it all figured out!!! This is what I have so far!!! I still need a family picture to go in the banner. I'm hoping we can get some taken over Thanksgiving!!!
I guess I'm in the Holiday mood or maybe I'm just ready for the holidays to be over so that I can have my husband back again :) I did get all my Holiday cards all written out and addressed yesterday so that was nice to get done. Need to make a trip to storage to get all my winter decor out too. I'm not ready for all that though but I do like to get it out after Thanksgiving and get everything put away mid January when I'm fed up with winter :)

On a better note my nausea is getting a bit better though this morning I am feeling a bit queasy. My tongue is almost all better at least I can talk now like a normal person....haha.  I figured out what happened too.....I think it was the mandarin oranges.....ughhh I love those things but I almost always have a reaction to them!!!! It won't stop me from eating them again either!!!

Neal had the day off yesterday which was so so nice. Now the craziness starts for him with the Holiday Season. I still can;t believe he has to work Thanksgiving DAY....uggh!!! We relaxed at home and I got so much stuff done that I have been putting off. Filing out medical forms for a total savings of a $1000....ahhh that felt great. I still need to get our appointments set up for check ups. If we get those in before the end of the year we can get $250.00 each and the flu shot which we got for free at Target already!!! I went through a pile of paperwork that needed sorting and filing and sent out some mail that I have been putting off. I love getting things like that done.

Well I have just about used up my computer time for the day so I better leave this post at that. Maybe tomorrow I can actually get some pictures on here and update you on what we have been up to :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 week baby bump!!!

Me at exactly 20 weeks!!!! Amazing considering so far I have only put on 2 pounds and those happened this weekend!!! I guess baby does not need too much to make feel and look big : )

Monday, November 15, 2010

I had a bad night of sleep last night. I tell you lately I feel like it's one thing after another....haha.....ohh well whacha gonna do. I have 4 sore on my tongue and two on the gums. The ones on my tongue are simply ridiculously painful right now. It will be better tomorrow I know but for now I just feel like whining :) Well they kept me up at night mostly because my tongue got so swollen by the end of the night that it just would not fit in my mouth...haha!! I got up at about midnight and soaked it in some ice water then took something to help me sleep . I think it was about 1:30 when I finally fell a sleep to be waken up by the kids at 6:30!!! Ughh I feel so druged up and sleepy because of the sleeping pill that I am just waiting around till nap time comes around so I can get a little snooze in. I am not much of a napper but I just don't see any other way around it!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

so much for that....

SO much for the whole feeling better......I think I have thrown up more the last two days than I have in my entire life!!!! This has to stop right?????? Ohhh and I think I may have to figure out another way to find energy cuz the coffee is just not staying down!!!! But hey threw up now I feel better for a while anyway!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Me time....

A quiet house a cup of hot tea soaking my feet and relaxing....ahhh much needed me time!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I did it!!!!

Remember THIS ...... so my original goal was the end of October well October is gone but I did get it finished. I can now open the door with ease and actually walk in. So excited about that but I'm not excited about the mess my two little tornadoes created while I was doing this. It's just the life of a stay at home mom clean up one mess after another :)

This time change thing is really messing up this household. Kids are all mixed up and I'm wondering HOW in the world one hour can make such a huge difference for them. Conner is doing a little better but Ethan is just not sure about what to do with himself he is ready for bed at 7:00 (the last hour and a half of the day is miserable with him) and wants to eat lunch at 10 and wakes up at 5 and well nap time is just all over the place right now. His internal clock is very mixed up right now :)

I on the other hand am doing FANTASTIC the last two days....other than being tired and a little nauseous and an emotional mess I have nothing to complain about and I'm not even complaining about the other it's all normal and nothing I can't handle. I feel like maybe this might be the beginning of a good finish to the pregnancy :) The baby is super active and I'm amazed how much I have grown this week. I will get a picture up here tomorrow hopefully. Last week Neal came home from work and asked me what happened to the baby because my tummy was non existing to today me feeling a bit uncomfortable bending over and washing dishes. I guess I am almost to the half way mark now...19 weeks today...yay. My appetite has increased too and I have not had too  many food aversions other than the coffee and some strange. I did get 1 whole cup of coffee down this morning and it was fine. Maybe it just depends on the day.

Not much other news just loving the weather and wishing it would stick around!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Forecefull action....

I have come to the conclusion that without coffee I simply do not function well enough and I can't keep up. This morning I am FORCING myself to drink at least a cup of coffee even if it makes me throw up.....haha!!! SO far half a cup down nausea increased by 40% but productivity level is already up :)

By the way I HATE the time change why is it that a stinkin hour mixes my kids up so much!!!!

Neal and I have been looking at names again....ughhh.....we had a hard time with our 1st two boys I'm not sure how we are EVER going to decide and agree on one.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Feeling MUCH better.....the bug I had seems to have gone away :) my baby tummy is back too it was just about completely gone with me not being able to keep anything in me. I finally cleaned up the house and washed the dishes in my sink that piled up over 3 DAYS!!! Haha it was a MESS!!! I just had no energy at all and my tummy just killed and even kept me up at night but I am so glad no one else got it. I'm back to myself and even got my paint out today and did some painting :) it felt great and very relaxing. Baking these banana walnut white chocolate cookies tonight.....yummy. I did not have enough butter so used shortening instead so I hope that they turn out. I figure I have an extra hour with the time change tonight so mind as well put it to good use. Kids are so tired and ready for bed but I am determined to keep them up another hour to get them on the right schedule....usually I try to start a new routine a week before the change a little a time so that they don't have to get the full hour all at once but well this week was just not the right week.

Ethan had his 18 month appointment this week only 2 months late....hehe....mostly because of his shots being a bit behind. He did so incredibly well....he just did not care at all about the poking measuring and checking at all. He let the Dr. do whatever without a single whine.....totally the opposite of Conner. He did not even cry till the 3rd would cry if I had to had shots....hehe. I got the usual lecture about him being underweight....PEOPLE my kids are small nothing I can do about it. I DO NOT starve them!!! Ughh it's so frustrating to me....I have to go back in a month for a weigh in and measurements and if he continues on the same track 3rd percentile for weight and 95th for height I'm hoping they leave us alone :)
 I have to share this because I found it simply hilarious. Last week I received a gift card as payment for some sketches I did for someone of their kids. I had left the gift card on the kitchen counter and one of my kids decided to move it for safe keeping I guess. I had turned the house upside down looking for this gift card.....EVERYWHERE....including sifting through garbage not fun when you are sick and can't stand the smell of anything especially garbage. I gave up thinking it was either in the garbage and I missed it or it would eventually turn up. Well today I was making some toast and for some reason I looked inside and noticed it.....melted. Haha I'm surprised it did not smell like melting plastic. I just happened to notice it. Yay for me I get to go shopping for some art supplies :)

Ok kids smell cookies....we will go have some with milk then off to bed with them and then it's mommy and daddy time though Neal has to be up at 3 so we won't be staying up late either :P

Night Night

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I love about my big boy Conner....

Conner is just a really sweet boy and I could not be luckier to have him as my firstborn. He has taught me so much about love, life, patience, courage, strength, he has been the start of our bliss. He changed our life in ways I can hardly explain, makes me want to be a better, stronger person. I recently read an article on how much a child will cost you in a lifetime and that many people choose not to have children at all because of the cost. For us it's not even possible to put a price on a child. I understand not wanting to bring a child into the world if you are not able to provide for them. Neal and I took a strong consideration before having kids as it was really important to both of us that one of us stay home with our children and raise them ourselves. We did not start a family till we knew we were in a position to do so. Yes we had to make lots of sacrifices with a one income but to us it's all worth it and neither one of us would trade those moments we have with our children for anything in the world. Others choose not to stay at home with their kids for many reasons, financial, personal, professional but whatever the reasons are they are their reasons and I respect that.
Now back to Conner....he has been impressing me lately with how quickly he is growing up and catching up. He had a late start did not talk till he was a bit over 2 1/2 while I watched other kids sing songs and talk in full sentences and impress me with their motor, verbal and other skills Conner scared me as to how far behind he was at times. I knew it would happen in time but he was my first and still continues to teach me every day. I've never done this before and don't know whats coming next so it's a journey for both of us. He reminds me of myself a lot but see so much of his dad in him as well. It's amazing how he can have so much of both of us in such a small being and so much stubbornness. He's sensitive like me but calm like his dad. He's a picky eater like I was but loves fruits and veggies like me. He loves sports like his dad but enjoys to color and draw and be creative like me. He likes hugs and kisses but does not like to snuggle like his dad. His curiosity always amazes me and his concern and love for nature always amazes me. He is a neat freak and tries so hard to please us that it truly amazes me. Example: we have a night time ritual we watch a movie before bed. The other day I started a video for us to watch and told him that it was all ready to go. It was playing for a while and Ethan and I were just waiting for him until I finally went to check on him. He was in his room just cleaning up and putting all his toys away. Never said anything to him at all about cleaning his room just something he chose to do. He loves his little brother so much and like all kids they have their moment but for the most part he is an amazing big brother.

In less then a month Conner will be 4 and I'm just reminded every day how quickly it's all happening....tooo quickly. I wish I could slow things down a bit.

Now for some pictures.
 I love that they love fruit like me!!! Hahaha they thought they were gonna get away with eating on the couch!!!
 They made a little bed with blankets and pillows and played there for hours till ALLLL the toys ended up in the center. It was a MESS....good thing I have an AWESOME helper :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's A........BOY
 A sweet lovable baby boy.....I can hardly believe that I will be a mommy to 3 boys!!!!
 The profile....what an adorable little face. I am completely in love all over again. He is measuring at 9 oz already and right on time at 18.1 weeks which is exactly what I am today. Amazing how they can do tell all that. I missed the 3D Ultrasound by a few weeks....they are to get the new machines at the end of November...that would have been really neat!
And this is for those of you that do not believe me....yes no doubts at all that it is a boy :)

And some thoughts I am having after the ultrasound:

1. wow I will be a mommy to 3 boys  
2. testosterone is way better than hormones
3. I have to learn to like football and sports more
4. wow I will have 3 little boys and one slightly bigger kid :) I was just meant to be a Queen
5. Just thinking of our family photo.....can we say adorable
6. scared that at some point I may want to try one more time for a girl, right now FOR SURE NOT
7. a little sad that this part is over. I have nothing else to look forward to other than watching my body grow, nausea, throwing up, swelling, bloating, slowly growing out of all my clothes ( right now real slow since I'm below pre-baby weight at the moment) If you think about it the 1st 20 weeks are exciting. You wait to pee on the stick, then it's the 1st dr. appointment to make things more real then it's the anticipation of telling everyone the happy news. Then you are excited to hear the heart beat for the 1st time and the the ultrasound and getting a glimpse at your little sweet pea. THEN it's nothing but discomfort and waiting for 5 months for the little one to arrive. November and December will go by quick but I'm worried about January, February and March!
8. The realization (thanks dear sis in law) that once this baby arrives baby bearing days may be behind me. Sad that this part of my life is almost over so I will try very hard to enjoy it as much as I can even when I'm feeling miserable. 
9. I believe that I have a favorite movie now.....we received a DVD of the ultrasound and the tech was able to get the front view and it was almost as he was looking right at us and opening and closing his mouth like he was trying to talk to was the sweetest thing ever. 
10. wondering why Conner is scared to look at the pictures of the baby
11. Ohh yeah I was right it's a boy :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ok who changed their vote :) who thought it was a girl and changed their mind.....haha!!!!

Well we will know soon enough....tomorrow tomorrow I LOVE you tomorrow it's only a DAY away!!!!

I am simply giddy with excitement to get a little glimpse at the little pea growing in my tummy!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lesson learned.....

We are simply not one of the families that all sleep in one bed. Some people are fine with kids piled up in their bed and if that works for you, great , it just does not work for us!

Last night the kids went to bed at 8:30, their usual bed time. Neal and I decided to watch a movie "The Wolfman" Neal ended up falling a sleep and well I'm a freak who does get scared by scary movies. I told Neal that I would turn off the movie and we could just finish watching it another time. BTW I LOVE Anthony Hopkins.....such a great actor and one of my favorites. So I turned the movie off and also tried  going to sleep but of course scary pictures of werewolfs attacking my kids could not get out of my head so I went to get Conner and brought him to bed with us......yeah I know pathetic.......then I went to get Ethan and we all snuggles in our bed to go to sleep all good and dandy for about 10 minutes.

As I'm bringing the kids in Neal is mumbling under his breath "you are GONNA regret this" hahaha he's always gatta be right. Ethan woke up literally 30 min. later and well kept us up MOST of the night. He is just not a co sleeper at all. He wants to sleep with us but can't. He tossed and turned and whined but WOULD NOT sleep in his bed after that. Conner too was super restless and Neal was furious with me for doing what I did and making it a miserable night for all of us. I don't think we slept for longer than 3 hours last night and Neal ended up with a headache and not to mention that he got shingles earlier this week (he gets this on his forehead every time he is stressed and not sleeping enough) and not being able to sleep last night definitely irritated it!

Ok FINE lesson learned our kids are NOT allowed in our bed again!!!