Thursday, April 30, 2009


Flowers for those of you who don't have real ones at home!!!
Thanks Mom Dad and Barbara!!!!

Smiles and more smiles....

I love this one...double chin, crazy look and all!!!

Well this one is kinda serious!!!

More fun at the park....

Neal and Uncle Mike play basketball every Wed. now that we are closer. I think the brothers are both glad to be able to see each other more often : )
He looks so much younger and smaller when he has a hat on. All that hair is making him look so much older. I finally put him on the scale again. He is 10 pounds ALREADY....what a big boy. He was 6 weeks yesterday.

More of our outdoor adventures...

Spring is here....

Spring is here and so are April showers. We love to see the change that those showers bring though!!!

Daddy and Conner...

At the park!!
Is there anything sweeter then a happy toddler running to meet you and giving you a huge hug?!?!?
Conner giving daddy a few golfing tips!!!
Story time before bed!!!

DIfferant sides of Conner....


He looks pretty serious in this one but we sure have been getting lots of little smiles out of him lately. Those first grins are super special.
Just a little grin!!!
A little bigger!!
Mouth wide open chuckle!!!


My mom and baby Ethan!!!
Barbara and baby Ethan!!

We had visitors again this Sunday. My mom, dad and Barbara came to see us at our new place. This would have been the first time that they have met baby Ethan. They did not have a very good introduction because Ethan was VERY fussy and basically cried the entire time they were here. This is also why I only got these two pictures : (

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I like stormy nights but I do not like to be home alone for them. Neal is working late tonight and I'm hoping he will be home before midnight. I'm tempted to go get Conner out of his bed and bring him here at least I would have someone to snuggle with. Conner is now going to bed on his own at night too and not just for his nap. We read some books and then I can leave him in his room and he will stay in his bed and goes to sleep. He still wakes up sometimes and just comes to our bed in the middle of the night though. It's kinda sad when they do not need you as much anymore but can be kinda nice when they don't need you as much anymore : )

Ethan is growing like weed...he has just gotten HUGE. I finally put him on the scale today because I was curious how much he weighs. I'm not sure how accurate it is because it said that he was only 8 lb's but I think he's much bigger than that. Can't wait for his appointment...Still need to find a pediatrician. I think that we finally have a routine down. It seems like things are finally settling down.

Ohh yeah GREAT NEWS....we CLOSED on the house on FRIDAY!!!!!YAAAAYYYYY!!! Such a huge relief!!!! It's so nice to put all that behind us and move on.

SO another funny story. I'm glad that I can make fun of myself...haha!!! Well this morning I went for a run. It was starting to thunder but I decided to head out anyway. I got distracted because our WHOLE neighborhood was having yard sales so of course I had to stop at some of them. Unfortunately I wondered much further away from our house then I had intended and got stuck out in the POURING rain. I suppose I could have stopped in someones garage and waited for it to slow down but I was worried that Ethan was screaming for Neal and wanted to get home. I sure got some silly looks from people driving by. By the time I got home I was soaked ALL the way through. It was a good workout though because I pushed myself much harder then I usually do :o

Well I'm off to bed, no waiting up for Neal tonight....I'm BEAT.

Ohh yeah last night Ethan slept for 7 hours...too bad I did not get to bed till after midnight. I could have had a great night of sleep.

Friday, April 24, 2009

More fun...

He got to ride his trike for a while today!!!
Loved every minute of it!!!
We are so glad park days are back. It is going to rain for the next week or so though :P

Fun filled day...

Little man of the house!!!

We walked down to the library and park this afternoon with mommy's new jogging stroller which I LOVE!!! Unfortunately by the time we got there both the kids fell a sleep and the stroller would not fit in the door of the library so once again we did not get our library cards set up and Conner did not get to play at the park : ( Ohh well at least I got my exercise in. Such a beautiful day out!!!! I hope that we can get out for a little while longer after Conner wakes up. We have another playground just a 5 minute walk from our apartment so we will have try and go there.
Conner playing with his toys!!!
Angie and cute little Tommy
We had some visitors today...Angie Mallory and Tommy came to see us. It's so nice to be closer and great to see them all!!! The kids played well and we had fun shopping and walking around the outlet mall here in Johnson Creek.
Tommy and his toung...he's just adorable
Mallory reading a book in Conners bed : )

I can't get over how much they have changed in just a couple months. I'm sure Conner has too but since I see him every day it's not as noticeable.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ssshhhh kids are sleeping...

Keeps him busy for hours SOMETIMES.
He has been quite the monkey lately climbing everything. The other day I walked into the kitchen and he was on top of the counter top (not sure how he got up because there were no chairs anywhere near and all the drawers were shut) He wanted to brush his teeth the other day and I was feeding Ethan and told him to wait but 2 year old boys are not always so patient. He climbed into the sink and brushed his teeth all without my help. And in this picture as you can see he wanted to sleep where Ethan sleeps.
Some fun at the park!!! All that pretty hair of his got buzzed : (

Most days when the kids are sleeping I try to pick up the house or do some laundry or work out but today I decided to do NOTHING. I'm skipping my exercising for the 1st time in 2 weeks and I gave into the temptation of some chips and a cookie too...yummy. Once in a while you have to right?!?! I will probably go out for a run once the kids wake up to try out my new double jogging stroller. I'm very excited to see if I can manage to run and push the kids. I'm sure after a while it will get easier. It's been a cold a windy morning so hopefully it will be nice enough this afternoon to drag out the kids.