Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conner's eyes

It's not quite the news we wanted to hear. Conner is back to wearing his glasses and patching for 3 hours a day for a little while:( but the good news is that most likely his eye will be perfectly straight which is awesome and not always achievable even with surgery. There are also a few signs that he will actually use the left eye but right now as soon as the patch comes off he goes back to using only his right eye. We just need to keep patching and hope that we can train the brain to use both eyes together. Not quite sure how to explain it but it does not mean that he is blind in one eye. I find this very interesting and you can read a little about it HERE if you are interested. SO we have to go back AGAIN in one week to see if there is any progress with using the patch and glasses together.

We are so glad that we did get the surgery though. I remember knowing a girl in middle school with a lazy eye and everyone always gave her such a hard time. I would never ever want Conner to have to deal with that, kids are cruel enough sometimes. It would be great though if he would be able to use the eyes together but at least now it LOOKS like he is!!


I always hate this transition/waiting...we are all packed up and living in boxes AGAIN!!! At this point we are just ready to go and get settled again. This move will be one of the easiest for me because I'm not pregnant or you know its not right after delivering a baby and also because of all the help we are getting usually I'm unpacking with kids pulling at my feet this time G'ma is coming to help with the will be awesome to have the help :) Thank you in advance. We should be able to pack up in a couple hours then rest up for the long drive. I am driving alone with the 3 kids so it should be interesting. It's only 13-16 hours out of our life....piece of cake.

Today we are going in for another check up with Conner and we are hoping for some good news. NO MORE PATCH please. Conner has been sick again this morning with an upset tummy but at least no throwing up. Conner informed us this morning that he is going to be a doctor so that he can help kids with a lazy eye :) thought that was sweet. Neal has a strange shift today working a mid sucks he is basically gone all day so after our appt. this afternoon we are meeting him for supper.....can't wait.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Family weeken....

It's been a while since I did an actual post on what we have been up to...I guess it's about time. Since we will be moving half a country away in less than 2 weeks we had a little family get together this weekend. It was such a nice and relaxing weekend and it was so nice to see everyone. I even got to go and get a pedicure and have lunch WITHOUT KIDS!!!! It was awesome I have LOTS of
pictures to share. 
 Baby Cole
 Sweet Tommy
 Sassy Mallory
 Grandma got the kids a little pool to play in....they had a blast!
 Love this one too
 The older four eating their cute
 Just missing baby Christopher
 being silly

 This picture just screams SUMMER

 The kids dug a hole in papas yard and it was so fun playing in the mudd
 Best friends :)

 So sweet
 The little monster
 my baby cakes
 we even had a bonfire
 and of course smores

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture
 Gamma and baby Ethan

 I love this picture....papa and Mallory

 We were able to get some family pictures done....let me know if there are any other ones you would like me to edit guys!!!

A little disappointed we did not get a better are just the worst thing EVER for Neal and Conner.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The countdown is on....

Exactly how I feel....summer is starting to wear me down a bit!!!

We are down to two weeks. In two weeks we will begin loading the truck and starting our journey South!! Hoping that hurricane Irene decides to stay out in the ocean but it looks like it will hit North Carolina :) ughh so much to get done still before then.

I'm feeling a little guilty I have been kind of bad about insanity the last little while and hour is just toooo much. And really it's not just an hour we have to move all the furniture out of our living room get dressed then an hour of exercise then the cool down, showers (and you need one after insanity) then moving all the furniture back. Really it's a good hour and 45 min 6 times a week. I have skipped a few days and I feel so bad and I'm just making up excuses. Ohh well after we get moved and settled maybe I can commit to it a little more. I did get it done today though so yay me.

We took Conner in for his post op today with Dr. Parsa. Mostly good news he has 20/25 vision and the double vision he was having may mean that he will use his left eye but it's too early to tell, most likely though he will never use it. Now his right eye is pointing slightly up SO now we have to patch the other eye. Poor guy we told him he was all done with the patch :( we need to go back in a week for another check up. 

Computer about to die so I need to make this it for tonight!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life has been busy...

This month is QUICKLY was just the 1st and it's already the 20th. We are now only 2 1/2 weeks away from the move. Still so much to do before then. 
These 3 munchkins have been keeping me BUSY!!! In the best possible way...I would not have it any other way.
Yup growing like a weed!! He is almost 5 did that happen. I have to say that this kid is a little lazy both Conner and Ethan were pretty much sitting on their own by now he is still pretty wobbly and barely using those little legs of his :) fine with me take your time little man!! He is def a mamas boy right now, attached to my hip at all times. 
Conner had his eye surgery this week. He was a brave little boy, he did so well that we could not have asked for more out of him. Even the Dr. commented on how polite and well mannered he was....yes a proud moment though I'm not sure what happens to that polite well mannered boy when he is home with me. I NEVER EVER want to have to do anything like that again. There is something so scary about seeing your baby go under anaesthesia. Let me tell you I slept so well after it was all over :) They corrected both eyes and they look aligned now and he will no longer need the patch or glasses. I do have to do eye drops 4 times a day and HE HATES them. I told him this morning to be a brave little boy and now when I give them to him he laughs uncontrollably....he wants to please us so badly.

I also have to say a big Thank You go G'ma Jenny for driving out and watching Ethan for us. I am one lucky gal not only did I ended up with the best husband ever I also ended up with truly the best in-laws. Love you guys lots and thank you for all that you do!!!
I just have to post this picture :) what a handsome bunch Thanks ladies for making my day last week I had SO SO much fun. 
We made our last trip to the Henry Villas Zoo this week. We will miss the free entertainment that Madison has to offer. 
We finished up the rest of the storage organizing, sorting, purging. Do you think we have too much crap...well we do. There is probably a lot more that we will be getting rid of once the boxes get unpacked!!! We should fit into a 26 footer though. 
Snuggle time with the baby brother!!!
 Conner has started this thing where when he is at home his pants are off and when he is sleeping he sleeps in his underwear and of course Ethan being the follower he is has to do the same.....BOYS!!!
Have you guys seen these....we love them!!! Goldfish sandwich thins...perfect!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just a little update....

I guess once again I have not been in a blogging mood. Things are moving right along with the house and our move. We plan on closing September 9th which is 30 days away...yikes!!! I have started the process got the curtains taken down and patched the holes and packed up a few things that I know we will not need still selling things LIKE CRAZY!!! We finally sold our home gym which was a big one....really did not want to pack that up again and we need the space in the truck. I have sold many baby items too and it really made me realize how expensive kids are. I'm selling at a fraction of the cost and still making really good money. It feels good to declutter and get rid of things......I hate clutter. Even with all the things I have already gotten rid of I plan on having a garage sale shortly after we move to sell a few more things.

Good news with Neal's work :))))))) He does have to come back to the Madison store after he moves us down there but only for a few weeks. Most likely he will be back with us mid October if not sooner. So glad that things are working out. He has A LOT of vacation time left that he has been saving for the move so he might even be able to take some time off and be home with us for a while.

well all the time I have today....back to the busy summer schedule!!!! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

4 month check up....

Christopher had his check up today!!! He was 14 # and 2 oz and 26 INCHES LONG......skinny and long just like his brothers. He was a trooper with the shots!! Healthy little boy so far!!