Thursday, August 16, 2012


Wow I am so sorry I have not blogged in a while but even worst I really have not been taking enough pictures lately. Summer is quickly passing by and we are on the brinks of change it's all good though and we are looking forward to the future whatever it may be. The boys as you can see in the above picture are growing like weeds. Conner starts Kindergarten on MONDAY....eeek. I'm not gonna even go there because I will cry again!! He is just such a little man and will be missed very much by his 2 little brothers. Ethan is as sweet as ever and has also grown up a lot in the last couple months and Christopher well he is running, talking, and most of all testing my patience as always. He is awfully sweet though I mean look at that little grin....adorable.

As for me my days come and go way too fast. I have been pretty busy with a new adventure. You know me I'm always trying something new. I have been PAINTING, painting and then painting some more. I'll post a few pictures. I have orders coming in left and right and actually at the moment I'm not even taking any more unless they are willing to wait a long time.
Just an example of one of the most popular orders....I don;t even know HOW MANY of these little sea creatures I have painted in the last couple weeks....A LOT!!!
Some Dinos someone ordered
 Another special order
Another special order of different sea creatures
I did this one once before for Melissa :) also painted matching plane and train. 

Yjere is more but I'm done going through them.

SO that's what I've been up to you know other than raising 3 kids, watching the neighbors kid, attempting to keep everyone happy occupied and try to keep up with all my chores and such. I do like to keep busy tho so it's all g

As for Neal well ya know he lives at work and I just say that they mind as well just have a bed for him right at the store because that's where he spends about  90% of his time. It's been very trying on all of us lately but such is  life you do what you have to. 

I've been a little home sick lately. We never made it home this summer like we had planned to :( so missing friends and family but we do still LOVE being in the South. 

Well I am SPENT need to unwind a bit then hit the pillow. Sorry again for the lack of posts something is always lacking.