Tuesday, June 30, 2009

She's here....

She is just gorgeous!!!
Sorry for the blurry was HUMID!!!
At the airport...this is the 1st time her and my sister met!!!
Looking a little tired and scared :)
First peek :)

Sooooo here is the story!!! My brothers daughter came this Sunday from Poland. Her lay over flight in Warszawa was delayed for 8 hours so the poor girl had to wait there all by herself. Instead of arriving at Ohare at 3 in the afternoon on Sunday she arrived at 11:10 PM. My sister and I along with baby Ethan went to pick her up and that is why we did not get to see all of the fireworks. All our plans were a little messed up because of the delay. My dad had NO idea that she was coming so the surprise dinner ended up being a birthday/anniversary celebration. She spent the first night in America breaking into a house too...kinda funny. Neal drove my sisters car home after the fireworks and had her keys and garage door opener. By the time we made it home it was 2 AM and Steve and the kids were sleeping and did not hear the door bell, phone or the knocking....kinda funny. The garage window was open so we took the screen out and gave Kasia a boost into the window then she opened the garage door for us. Poor girl had quite a 24 hours!!! She seems to be enjoying herself though....can't wait to spend more time with her. My brother and his wife are very brave for sending their only 14 year old daughter to a foreign country on her own to be with us....we are basically complete strangers to her....a little sad but it is what it is and we will take the little time that we have with her and make the best of it :)

4th of July ....a little early....

Watching in awww...
Blurry but kinda cool....
Katie and her green eyes...
I LOVE this picture of Madzia...LOVE it!!!
My sis, Madzia, Ethan and Kate!!!
Madzia holding big boy Ethan!!

We went to see the fireworks at the country club in Rockford on Sunday. We did not get to see all of them and I will explain why in the next post but Conner thought that they were pretty cool.

Sick of the pictures yet?!?!?!

A $3 find at a garage sale has been keeping him busy these days :)
Sporting his new hair cut, shoes and outfit :)
We have been enjoying time at the pool....I just LOVE this picture though. You might have to enlarge it to see Neal's face. Conner slipped backwards Neal caught him but you can see the panic in his face. Would have been some fall!!!

I put a new toy on Ethans car seat last week and he just thinks it's the coolest thing ever....he just cooed and talked and tried to hit it...Conner never got excited about toys that early on so this is fun!!!

A day at the beach....

Uncle Mike!!!
Last week we picked up my sisters girls and headed to Pearl was fun!!!
Shoulder rides with daddy!!!
Madzia ans Kate rolling in the sand!!!! sweetness!!!! He was a very HOT baby!!! Pearl lake is just a little too dificult with little baby's but I did enjoy myself!!!
Conner is a little fish...I know I have said this before but swim lessons are a must!!!
ooopppps....lost his pants :)
Sigh guys are so cute :)
Kate playing in the sand!!!
A view of the lake....I LOVE the super clean water and the sandy beach just a little too dificult witha 3 month old. Maybe if there was more shade!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Baby Ethan has discovered his toes this week :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The countdown is ON...

Six more days till my niece comes to visit....CAN'T wait to get to know her!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

more pictures...

Looking all grown up!!!
I offered Conner Ethan's plug the other day just to see what he would do!!!he was SO happy!!! Went to sleep in like a minute...haha. NO MORE of that though!!!

I know I post way too many pictures...I hope no one minds :)

Ethan's 3 month photo shoot....

Ethan is now 3 months old...hard to believe. I hope you enjoy some of these.

At 3 month Ethan is exactly 12 lb's Conner at 2.2 months was 11lb 14 oz so they are very close in size. Ethan maybe even a bit smaller. Not sure why Ethan looks so much bigger...I think it's the hair.

The men in my life....

I can't imagine my life without them!!!!

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

When I married I got a new dad,
A special father in law;
That made me very happy,
And a little bit in awe.
You're a man who cares,
With an understanding heart.
You're also filled with wisdom;
No wonder my spouse is smart!
Thanks for being so cordial;
Thanks for welcoming me;
It feels really good to be part
Of your special family.

Dzien Ojca!!!

Kochany Tato
właśnie przyszło lato,
skowronek na drzewie zaćwierkał
,z nieba spadła butelka,
a ta butelka pełna słodyczy,
skowronek Ci zdrowia życzy,
wrona głośno krzyczy
-Żyj nam Tatusiu 100 lat
w zdrowiu, szczęściu jak najpiękniejszy kwiat.

Kochany tato, mnie chodzi o to,
byś złapał rybkę małą lecz złotą.
Ta złota rybka już się postara,
aby życzenia twe spełnić zaraz.

Monday, June 15, 2009

LOVING the weather...

We are just LOVING this great means that we can go to the park EVERY day!!!!

Just us....

Seriously adorable baby Ethan!!! Super fussy the last few days again but we had a few giggling moments :)
He's a little fish...loves the water!!!
Balancing act...Conner just loved to have his daddy home this nice that he is done with school now!!!
He was connected to daddy's hip all weekend long!!!
Looking at the caterpillar that almost landed in my drink!!!
Playing ball with dad!!!
Walking down the dock with mom!!!
Fun on the beach!!!

As much as we love spending time with our friends and family it was a awesome to get to have some time to just us. This was the 1st weekend that we have had to ourselves in some time now. Neal had no school work and we had no house work just play time.

Fun with G'ma and G'pa

Conner and Grandma walking back from the playground carying flowers for mama :)
Last Friday my mom and dad were in Milton WI at a friends lake house for some weekend fun. Neal was at work but I decided to pack up the kids and go for the day for some fun in the sun!!! It was a good time and Conner had a blast!!!
Playing in the sandbox!!!
Silly Grandma :)
Me and the kids on the boat!!! Conner fell a sleep!!!
Did not like the life jacket at all!!!
Boat mama boat....he was very excited to go on the boat!!!
Playing catch with Grandma!!!
Throwing rocks into the lake with Grandpa and waiting for the fish to bite unfortunatly I think we scared the fish away....not one bite all day long...ooopps!!!