Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Day for a little guy....

It's been a big day for Christopher. All of a sudden he is a PRO at tummy time. I mean yesterday when I tried again for tummy time he was still not lifting his head much and almost right away screamed. Today as you can see in the 2nd video he looks like a pro. He also figured out how to roll both ways today. We also tried solid foods for the first time today just like his brothers he is a pro right from the start. He ate the WHOLE container of pears and had half the container of green beans for supper.

Tomorrow he has his 4 month check up which means shots :(

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just words.....

We had a bad night....I as usual did not get to bed till after midnight and before I was even able to fall a sleep Christopher woke up. Then early morning around 4:30 Conner had another one of his throwing up episodes. It's been a while since he has done it....well of course he threw up all over his bed so I had to clean all that up and wake up Ethan. I got those two cleaned up and in bed then Christopher woke up when I got Christopher back to sleep Conner threw up again missed his bowl again and threw up all over our bed so had to get all that cleaned up and wake up Neal and Ethan again and well Christopher woke up too with all the excitements. So with me going on only a couple hours of sleep and the kids not getting enough sleep and Conner not feeling well it's going to be an interesting day.

Everything is still going well with the house :) We will probably be closing a little earlier then expected probably Sept 9th or so.....that's only a little over a moth away....yikes. Got a lot to do before then....
Conner has a pre op appointment then his eye surgery is on the 18th and then another post op appointment right before we move. That alone takes up a lot of our days. Christopher has his 4 month check up too!!
I guess I need to start packing a few things when I can.....will probably start taking down curtains and such things as I have time. I wish that we did not have insanity right now but we commited to doing it so would like to finish but it does take up a lot of our time. Neal is as usuall really busy at work (it never slows down for him) with College starting again soon the stores around here are BUSY like Christmas time busy!!!

Speaking of College......SO SO glad that we are moving before school starts again. AL the kids are moving in there were 5 moving trucks out there yesterday. We have a feeling things will be much worst once the students are back in.

Well gatta go do the PILES of laundry from the night....sigh.
Ok just one many fingers can I get in my mouth ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting nervous....

Things are right on track for our move now. The contract is signed we close on the house Sept 20th the inspections are all happening this Thursday. Things are progressing with Neal's work so it looks like he will be able to move with us and might not have to stay behind if he does it will not be for very long.

I'm dropping of our notice for the apartment today and I am selling things like CRAZY. Strollers, baby clothes, baby tub, swing, some furniture and things that we know we no longer need.

SO SO SO ready to settle down have everything in one place get Conner signed up for school which is proving a bit difficult because of the distance. Hopefully I can work something out with the school especially now that I actually KNOW someone who used to teach in the school that Conner is going to....kinda crazy :) Doing a little research about the community.....Neal and I are SO ready to just jump right in grow some roots make some friends and stay PUT. This moving has really taken a toll on us the last 2 years.

Soon now....we are almost there!
It really hard to get a picture of this one without his fingers in his mouth. Not that I blame him they look pretty tasty to me as well :) He will be 4 MONTHS in a couple days!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2 more months.....

Fire department and police in our building again tonight....some issues right next door this time. Can't wait to move!!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

blink - the day is over

Today was another one of those days that disappeared on me. The morning was busy with kids, exercise, bills and paperwork! The afternoon was sorting through clothes and laundry and the night was more laundry, kids, cleaning exercise (I had to make up a day of insanity because I was exhausted yesterday and did not have it in me so today I had to do 2 HOURS of exercise...yikes)

I did catch up on a lot of things today so tomorrow will hopefully be a little more fun for us though Neal does have to work ALL weekend and come to think of it I'm not sure if he has a day off til Thursday....blah!!!

I can hardly believe that July is just about over....summer is FLYING by. Will it ever slow down? Our babies are growing so fast too. Wow Conner will be 5 Ethan is already 2 1/2 and Christopher is 4 months in a is that possible.

Speaking of Christopher he has been crabby and waking up at night a lot which is unlike him but I think it's that tooth that is really bothering him. It is just about poked through so hopefully he will be feeling better soon...poor baby!!

Well I better make myself some sleepy time tea and hope that it helps me relax after exercise otherwise I may be up half the night again....7 more weeks.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

 As long as everything goes smoothly from now on our future home :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 Neal and I did our 2 week fit test improvement!!! There are a total of 8 exercises in the fit test and you are given a minute to do as many as you can. 
This is Neal's chart....look at those numbers that is CRAZY and the fact that we were actually breathing after doing this is rather impressive.Crazy how much you can improve in 2 weeks.
Neal lost a WHOLE 1 1/2 inches in the waist and he has lost 8 pounds since starting 2 weeks ago.
I am also very proud of my chart :) After stepping on the scale tonight I have lost 3 pounds (I was down 5 but put some back on)  and lost a WHOLE INCH in the waist....AMAZING :)

7 weeks to go!!

Summer days...

Usually on days when Neal has to work in the afternoon we exercise early in the morning (which I hate doing) and then get dressed pack a lunch or pick up sushi and head to this awesome "castle" park that's near our house. Kids love going there mostly because usually there are a lot of kids for them to play with and they are all about making new friends!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

well helloo....

 we may have an explenation
 for all the finger chewing.....
 baby christopher.....
 has not only found his toes in his 3rd month of life but.....
he is also working on his 1st tooth....yes you read that right....his 1st tooth :)

Beach Day....

We have had FAR TOOOO FEW of these so far this year. Just too busy with other things lately I guess. 
 yummy watermelon....
 Perfect on a hot summer day.....we packed a cooler full of yummy food and grilled our lunch and supper right at the beach. It's the beach we used to go to when we lived in Johnson Creek....miss that place.
 Ethan LOVES to just push his little truck and out of water.....
 The little fish swimming without a life jacket now....growing up too fast....
 Daddy doing his favorite thing.....sittin in a chair reading a book.

 Making sand soup....
Right after we got there Conner was playing with a little boy about 3 and his mom. The little boy grabbed some sand and threw it right at Conner's face and into his eyes....I could not believe that the mom just laughed did not even say anything to the little boy. We had to wash Conner's eyes with water...poor kid just screamed. He still had sand coming out of his eyes when we got home.

It was a fun day at the beach tho....hoping to get a few more of those in before summer ends.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy b-day do my wonderful husband and the best daddy in the whole world :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost there....

I am 5 pounds away from my goal weight.....yay me!!! the last 10 pounds are SO hard to shed it's taking a whole lot of work on my part but I am DETERMINED. Now if there was a miracle cure for all the saggy stretched out skin. Ohh well I did after all give birth to 3 beautiful children I am proud of the marks :)

twinle twinkle....

Christopher LOVE....

 trying to do a little tummy time....
 cute little tushy and toes...
 helping mama fold laundry.....
 chunky little man chewing on his fingers....
just chillin in his high chair!!!
One of Conner's favorite games right now. I write down a letter for him and he goes around the house looking for things that start with that letter and then he draws a picture of them!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Splash pad = FREE entertainment = one happy mama and 2 excited little boys

4th of July....

I was going to post a bunch of pictures from 4th of July but there are just too many to go through. We spent a wonderful couple of days at Alissa and Lorens. Thanks for having us guys.
On 4th of July this group of us ran a 5K and we all did FANTASTIC....Neal of course took the lead he ran pushing Ethan AND Conner in the stroller and ran it in 25:03 and I ran it in 28:49!!! 
 We went to the parade and came home with MORE candy!! We went to the pool which I did not get any pictures of.
We had lots of yummy food!!!
 and of course we went to see the fireworks. For a small town they really do put on an amazing show. 

 Reading books waiting for the fireworks to start.

 I can't believe I buzzed off all that beautiful hair of his was time tho!!!

 And the long awaited fireworks. All 3 kids LOVED them :) Thanks again guys for having us!!

Long awaited....

 We have been waiting for the butterflies for weeks now :) they finally had the exhibit this week at the
Pavilion Gardens here in Madison. It is so cool!!!

 Conner was a little disappointed that he did not get to see caterpillars but thought it was pretty cool when the butterflies landed on him :)

 The kids received treasure maps so after the butterfly exhibit we went on a treasure hunt. They got to learn a little about the garden and butterfly's and by filling out their little map they got a coupon for free ice cream which they later got to enjoy :)
Dad helping them punch their map!!! I did not get too many pictures had to carry the baby the entire time but it was so much fun!!!

3 month already....

Christopher turned 3 months a couple weeks ago....woow....where does the time go. We need to slow down a bit around here again. Time just seems to get away from us sometimes.
 Serious little guy....he is now grabbing toys....
 he found his toes today...not sure why I love it so much when they find their toes and play with them....he is also just wiggling so much wont be long now and he will be rolling over though I'm not sure how much he will like that since he HATES tummy time.
 he is FINALLY more's amazing colic really does just one day stop. He loves laying on the floor on his play mat watching his brothers tear up the place or sit in the high chair where he can see all the action.
He still loves chewing on his fingers though will take the plug sometimes now.  He is an awesome sleeper....way to go little guy. For example this afternoon he went to bed at a little after 6:00 and I expect he will sleep till at least 5:00 am then wake up to eat and go back to sleep for another 2 hours wake up to eat again and go back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. No complaints here :)
And though he does seem rather serious in pictures sometimes all it take is a glance in his direction and his whole face lights up. We love this little man and can not imagine our life without him. He just fits right in.