Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunshine and summertime.....

 Well we have given in and turned on the air.....haha. We did hold off for a while though still hoping we have a few more days where we can open the windows and enjoy the fresh air without suffocating or sweating standing still ;) We LOVE it though.
 Our pool opens next month but for now we have been enjoying some water fun in our back yard.
 mmmmm....this tastes good.
 While the kids play outside I'm usually playing in the flower beds :) well I was digging up one of the bushes that we had moved in the did not make the move :( well a toad came up with the roots and of course kids had to catch it and put it in the pool. Kida worked out well because we were just learning about frogs lizards and amphibians.

 Ice cream and strawberries.....yum
 When we went to the Dr. this morning I told her that we have been playing in the pool already. She looked at me like I was crazy then tells me well you are from up north and more resistant to the COLD. Hahaha I just about fell over....lady it's been almost 90 every day this week that is NOT cold.

 ohhh my....nuff said ;)

 Haha this is how he crawls on the driveway.....buddy just learn to walk already this looks like way too much work.
 Sun tea makes for a happy daddy and a curious baby.
 Play time and popsicles at the neighbors
 And this one is just toooo cute not to share.....Mr. Davis you are adorable.
 I love me some clean babies......but not crabby tired babies
 Are these jammies not the cutest thing em. Thanks Gamma and Papa.  Ethan not happy at all about the picture.
 Baby just havin a blast
 So sweet
 Yeah after the pictures I just had to jump right in for some snuggles with these adorable can you resist.
Ok now that we are done I'm gonna be happy....typical. 

Well I have more pictures but I am done this will have to do. I think you all have more than enough to look at ;) Blogger has been really acting up for me is anyone else having issues?!?! 

Speaking of sunshine and summertime it's in the 80s again and all 3 kids are napping time to put on my swimsuit and catch some rays out on the hammock.....dinner and chores can wait.
Kids just love to be outside and I do too but sometimes I wish they would just want to play in the back. They always want to be in the front mostly because that's where all the kids are. They still love riding the car around :) Ethan especially.
Cutie pie......he likes to be outside too but really needs to learn to walk.
We attempted 3 year and 1 year picture shoots but still have nothing I can are just very uncooperative sometimes. I will try again this weekend and see if I can get some good ones.
Big stuff is all registered for school.....yes we have a registered kindergartner.....ahhhh. Excited for him and nervous when we went for registration his hands were literally shaking. We will see how this transition will go.
He really is big....his testing is on May 15th and we got a little worksheet of things to work on. I was a little worried because I'm not at all a good teacher and I was not sure how much I could actually teach him and it's different with kids who go to pre school and who are in daycare but I think he will be ok. But I guess we will see on the 15th.
We have enjoyed our fire pit quite a bit. Now can't wait to get the patio done. I think it's been two weeks now but our water heater broke so that was an unexpected cost that caused us to cancel our Florida trip.....grrrrr. Really stinks we were really excited about going to see friends. Need to put other projects on hold for a while too. That's ok though I'm looking forward to just having fun with the kids this summer.
This kid can put away a bag of "shmarshmellows" all by himself :)

Well I think I will leave this post at this. I still have tons more pictures but I need to get the kids dressed and head out for appointments. Really wishing right now that Neal had a different job he is just gone so much lately. There are so many things going on around this area right now that I just can't brave alone with 3 kids :( so we can't go. I almost wrote that I wish the kids were a little bigger so that I could take them but then I would be lying to myself I really don;t want them to be bigger I LOVE them just the way they are and don't need time to go by ANY faster.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

More fun.............

 Little monkey climbs on everything.....still not walking tho. I'm ready for him to walk maybe he will be happier when he can get around better.

 bubble fun.....

 Lots of bubble fun......
 We had a water balloon's getting to be pretty hot most days so we try and keep cool by playing in the water.

 they have fun.....lots of fun

 They also LOVE to crush up chalk mix it up with water and make chalk paint. Conner especially likes mixing colors to see what colors he can create. It's messy but they love it.
 Watering mommy's plants and flowers :)

 We made a trip to the strawberry patch for some fresh berries. One of my favorite activities. I have to say that I was a bit scared going. A couple weeks ago I asked my neighbor if I could dig up a few of her strawberry plants that are growing on the side of her house. SO Conner and I grabbed a bucket and a shovel and went on over to dig some up. As I was digging I poked a snake with the shovel.....AHHHHHH.....I dropped the bucket grabbed Conner and ran. EEEKKKKKKK my first snake encounter. I literally stood in the middle of the driveway and could not step on the grass for hours.
 The patch was awesome though and nothing like in WI. They were up higher and each plant was divided and you could see everything not like you were sticking your hands into bushy plants.
 Kids had lots of fun picking but mostly eating :)
 Ethan was not much help at all.
 We got lots of yummy berries and I think we may need to make another trip back. SO much better than store bought.
Baby LOVES them too.....enjoying one on the way home.

OK I am done with this for tonight this is my 3rd attempt it's really annoying and I don't have the patience. Tons more to come.