Friday, January 27, 2012

 I made my last two V-day crafts.....a little wreath for the front door. Nothing fancy just some cardboard that I wrapped with leftover burlap and then some more rosets to dress it up a bit using up some more of those Christmas bows.
 Did you know that light bulb boxes could be this cute :)here is what I used.....
Light bulb boxes that I painted red then I used white paint to write out the letters and the heart and using more of the tissue paper made little tiny rosets for the heart and O's. then I just sealed it all in with the mod podge.
 Sweet little guy helping mom organize clothes :) I've been working on the boys closets.....they have too many clothes it's really a pretty big job! Still have to do Christophers.We have had a really warm stretch I mean almost HOT Christopher LOVES being in his diaper :)
 Cutie.....still no toothers on top but those gums look terrible. Poor little guy.
 Ohhhh how I wish he would take one but he is not interested at all. I've been trying to nurse only at nap times and bed time but he is not doing so well with that arrangement. Weening him is going to be really really hard. Not interested in the cup either.....sigh.
 Making a mess of my magazine stack looking out the bedroom window and talking to the back neighbor. It was so funny Ethan and the little boy behind us were talking to each other but they were having completely different conversations.
Made themselves a little bed tonight and watching Ratatouille.

Neal is on vacation this special plans just relaxing at home. We took turns sleeping today and it was PERFECT :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nothing like sweet hugs and kisses from your babies to make you feel better and if that does not work then just have some blueberry scones and worked for me. Having a really really really bad day :( morning!!!
I'm gonna shake it off stand up tall and not let things get to me after all I deserve at least that much.

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. Busy few days so camera has been on vacation :)

These scones are AMAZING........mmmm mmmm good!!! Check the food blog a little later for recipe!
 Ethan rocking his baby to sleep :)
 Wow Conner looks big in this picture. He is rocking his baby bear to sleep.
 Neal was off yesterday and after lunch we headed for the beach....Neal stayed with the kids and I went for a LONG walk searching for treasures...I enjoyed my walk and quiet time very much.
 Little man.....his hair really looks red/orange in this picture it's not but he would be cute as a red head :)
 They love to play in the sand.
 Loving this January weather.
 well now they dryer arrived this morning but they did not hook it up for me so I need to get it hooked up so I can start on the huge pile of laundry...ONE FULL week without doing laundry and company for a full weekend :)
that is one huge pile of stuff to wash....haha any helpers.

lets hope that I can actually take my own advice and shake it off stand up tall and have a good afternoon :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


2 more days without's one massive pile already it will be interesting to see how many more things we can dirty up in 2 days! So before Christmas our washing machine broke and we had to buy a new one, jokingly I said that it would be nice to have a matching one. I really did not want to spend money on a dryer but I got my wish the dryer broke Thursday....sigh. So I have not done laundry since then and after a weekend with company and Ethan wetting his bed and me being clumsy and spilling things and boys digging in the dirt and needing to be changed 3 times a day and a little boy who almost always pees all over himself when going pee pee I am litterally buerried in laundry. The dryer should be here Wed so we need to make it just a couple more days.

We are on the countdown now. Neal is off tomorrow then works Wednesday and then he is off for over a week. REALLY looking forward to having him home. We have no plans as of right now we were going to buy the paint for the kitchen and get that done but now with the extra expense of buying a dryer I'm sure Neal will not want to spend money on paint and this will take A LOT OF paint. We were going to buy one of those HUGE buckets.  It might be nice to just relax too.

I cleaned our flower beds over the weekend and I'm so excited to see buds on many of the bushes that I moved in the fall I was worried non of them were going to make it but looks like I was wrong. Looking forward to those turning green and looking better. With this weather and the rain that is coming I think spring may be here sooner than I ever imagined :))))))

Thursday, January 19, 2012

yum yum....

 My little helpers....they make such a mess :) Some days I wish I could have just a little time to myself but then I think about Conner starting school this year and I get sad. I'm not ready. I'm not ready at all and I'm just having a really hard time with it. I want him to stay home with me is that terrible???
This is what they were helping me make check out my FOOD BLOG for the recipe.

I had a date today a very special date indeed. Ethan and I got to go out alone for a couple hours. His quiet mellow nature gets a little lost in the madness of this household and it was SO SO nice to get to spend a little one on one time with him. It was fun listening to all that he had to say and listen to his stories....he is such a little goofball. He had fun too I guess when Conner starts school he will have much more of my attention so that will be one nice thing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

another thing to check off....

Getting closer and closer to being able to paint the kitchen walls :) I did the kitchen pantry today!!
 before....eeeewwww.....messy! Unloaded took out the shelves painted cleaned reloaded and somehow during all this my children destroyed the rest of the house.
But at least now the pantry is all done and clean. really all I have left in the kitchen before it can get painted is one more coat of paint on the ceiling then patching some holes on the walls sanding and then the taping can begin....that's all :) Now I need to get back to putting the house back together....sigh it never ends does it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little trip.....

 I found this website with tons of tutorials on how to draw different things....cartoons, animals, has step by step instructions. It keeps Conner busy for hours....he LOVES it!!!
 Big stuff....loves to play in the bathroom.
 Neal had to go to Georgia for a night and the kids and I went along. I love having a routine my kids do really well with a routine. It's nice when we are home because I can easily work around nap times, eating times and so on but as soon as anything takes them out of their routine they turn into MONSTERS. Needless to say we are glad to be home. We did have some fun though even with things not really going according to plan with Neal's work. We stayed really close to the beach in Georgia but things did not go according to plan and we did not make it to those beaches but made it to the ones right on the border of South Carolina and Georgia....WOW WHAT A beautiful area and the beaches were fantastic.
 white sandy beaches

 I attempted once again a picture of all 3 of them's impossible!
 We found a very cool tree to climb on.

 Looking for crocodiles
 So pretty
 testing the's cold now
 sand angeles

 They did not want to leave......can't till it's warm enough for us to actually put suits on and play in the water
Playing in the tree again. 

I am EXHAUSTED....Chris did not sleep last night at the hotel and I was up with him most the night. He was SO glad to be in his bed tonight it was sweet. I nursed him then put him in his crib he looked up at me gave me a huge grin then turned on his tummy tucked his knees under his belly and went to was adorable....he loves his bed :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Many of you probably have seen this trick on pintrest. You basically water down Elmers glue and dip yarn/string in it then wrap it around a balloon. Let it dry overnight then pop the balloon and the string stays stiff. It's pretty neat actually!
I made lots of little balls then used a string of lights I bunched a bunch 4 or 5 then tied them up and placed them inside each ball forming a light up garland. So this really did not work like I saw it in my head and really not worth all the time effort and mess that went into this project. It is cute though and I would DEFINITELY do this on a larger scale for a party decoration but not on a small scale like I did this time.
I was REALLY craving something sweet today....well I crave something sweet every couple hours but today I really wanted something yummy. After searching through some recipes we decided on a pumpkin pie and I could not even wait for it to cool yummy. Might have to have another piece later :) 

We had a very productive Saturday....Neal and I painted the kitchen ceiling. It needs one more coat though....bummer it will have to wait till he has 2 days in a row off tho. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012


In my efforts to make my blog a little nicer I lost all the links to your blogs could all of you with a blog please leave me the address in the comments section....please and thank you :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

 Yeah I pretty much love my new candle sticks. I did brake one of them but I still plan on fixing it just need a new round for the bottom part. Hopefully I can find something at Home Depot or Lowes.
 This is the candle that Conner made :)
 Play Dough keeps my kids busy for HOURS :) from breakfast till lunch so while they played I did this.....
 I'm not sure if this mess was worth it....I'll let ya know tomorrow :)
This is a little out of place but I got this sandwich pop tart maker thing that we are really loving. This one is peanut butter banana but we have made them with whipped cream cheese and ham and cheese I've even chopped up broccoli and put it in kids love them. Fun for school lunch boxes. You just use regular bread.
Yeah we kind of love it here. In January sitting outside getting a tan :) well Neal can get a tan for my skin to tan we need temperatures above joke I just don't tan easily.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Almost done....

I have way WAY too many projects started right now! This one I can finish up tomorrow though and it should not take me too long just some finishing touches......
SO here is the story on these.....we were at the beach earlier this week and decided to eat there but had to park the car a ways because it was really busy. While we were walking to the restaurant I literally gasped and freaked Neal out. I was so excited to see these in someones garbage...hehe. One persons garbage is anothers treasure. Well you can just about emagine Neals reaction...haha...he was not too happy but helped me carry them to the car. I think that they are table legs. This morning I went to the Project for Humanity place and when I saw the rounds once again did the gasp thing then a little happy dance....50 cents each...SCORE.
Neal helped me cut them down and drill some holes. I even had leftover paint from THIS project so a total cost of $3.....can't beat that.
I'm almost done just have to wait for them to COMPLETELY dry and then sand them just a little do another coat of paint then distress the edges. Seriously $3!!! They would for sure cost more than that in a store!