Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some randoms...

 Conner loves to help me write the grocery list!!!
This is how opposite these kids are.... Ethan eats all the pasta and picks out the veggies Conner eats all the veggies and leaves the pasta :) 
 Big brothers
 This one just because I love Ethans look....
 Conner has been busy picking flowers for mama....
 We have been busy visiting parks in the are this one I am SOOOOOOOOO excited about WHY you ask :) well because the playground is surrounded by a running track right in the middle of a beautiful residential neighborhood so now on those days I need to get my run on before Neal comes home I can take all 3 kids. Conner and Ethan can play at the playground and I can watch them while I run with Christopher...AWESOME :)
 Napping while we were at the park
 How is he a month old already and so big
 His eyes are finally a little better they have been TERRIBLE most days I would have to wash them out just so that he could open them....plugged tear ducts and well with all the screaming he does they have not done so well.
 filling in nicely
 LOVES bath time...we do bath every night to help with routine and it has helped A LOT we also do a massage at night to help calm him down. I will have a little update on how he is doing soon!!!
All clean and ready for bed tonight :)

Home is where the heart is....

and this is home.....
 Our bedroom and Christophers....he has to fit in that bassinet till we move :)
 Kids room...they sleep in a twin bed together and they love it :) we put A LOT of toys in storage to make this room livable!!
 Kitchen the hardest for me to downsize. I have a lot of toys I guess believe it or not we ended up with a bigger kitchen than the original apartment I looked at and it's a good thing. We also finally got rid of our kitchen chairs so we will have to get new ones when we move. Can't wait to finally get our big kitchen table out of storage or a lot of other things that are in there.
Living room is actually pretty big. I do hate the carpet it just feels icky but I do have a thing about clean floors :) it's just temporary though and we have made it home :) I also do have a decent size laundry room which is great I can't imagine having to go somewhere to do laundry so I feel lucky :) and I LOVE having a working dishwasher seriously how did I ever live without one....such a time saver I feel like I have hours of extra time each day :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SO much for that....

Ughh what a terrible day we had yesterday. Cleaned up puke all morning and listened to screaming baby ALLL day and ALL night. I am exhausted (how is he not exhausted????) but I AM  NOT skipping exercise for the 3rd day in a row especially since I just had chocolate for breakfast in my cereal bowl....haha!!!! SO now what......what do I try next to make our life a little easier???

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If it's not one it's another. I started a strict routine for Christopher to hopefully better his sleeping habits and the last two nights he has done better and last night his 1st stretch was almost 4 hours again the 2nd stretch was 3 hours after that it was on and off but I can handle that. Waking up every hour or less all night long was really wearing on me. I also got him gas drops and that has helped a little during the day...he is a gassy little baby. When he lets loose the house starts to shake :) But I think if he can sleep more he would be less fussy he has had such a hard time sleeping. Well after a good night last night I was hoping for a better day but I was waken up to puke again!!! It's been a while since Conner has puked but last night he did not want his supper and I had a feeling it was coming. SO I've been cleaning up puke...yuckie!!!! We will have a lazy day at home now and probably snuggle in bed!!! I can catch up on laundry.

Yesterday we went to see Neal at work in the morning I actually had to go and pick something up I ended up leaving spending $60 and NOT getting the one hing I went there for in the first place....grrrr.  I took the kids to the park and I think we scared all the other moms away with the screaming 4 week old.....hehe. At least we had the park all to ourselves :)

I can't believe Christopher is 4 weeks old today!!! In a blink of an eye!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

All about Christopher.....

 Just because I love crazy baby eyes :)
 So big
 He started smiling when you talk to him
 Sweet little boy....when hes not screaming

yup that's more like it :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter....

Our little Easter Bunny!!!

Today was Neals last day at home :((( but it was PERFECT!!! The weather was wonderful and we just had a wholesome family fun filled day!!!
We packed a picnic again and headed for the park for some fun. While I was getting our picnic table set up and tending to Christopher Ethan fell down from the ladder and I just heard him crying across the park. I went running but got some evil looks from other parents like why aren't you watching your child.Sorry people I'm still trying to get used to tending to three of them.....doing my best.
He just seems so big now!!
I got myself a new baby sling. I do not like the snugly and barely used it at really hurt my back. With this one I barely know I have a baby.
After our lunch and a little play time at the park we walked over to the zoo to meet......
Leo-pold the baby lion cub. It was hard to get a good picture through the fence and shrubs. He is absolutely adorable and kept on playing with the dad grabbing onto his tail and was so cute. The lion and lioness just kept on circling the cub like they were guarding him

And just because we were already there we walked the entire zoo again. 
Spring has sprung....FINALLY!!! I love how this picture turned out. After lunch and our zoo adventure we went home and on the drive Neal and I decided to go for a run so we went home changed packed some snacks for the kids and headed for the running trails at the Arboretum. I think we probably ran about a mile and a half....I did not do so well but I'm cutting myself some slack it has only been 3 1/2 weeks since I gave birth.
While on our run we stopped to check out a beach area we ran by.....we will keep this place in mind for the warmer days.
After our run we went down by the pond and let the kids play a bit while we cooled down.

Conner just had to pick some flowers for his mama....
I think that I will really enjoy being in Madison. It might even convince me to live closer to a bigger city....right now we are looking into Savannah, GA.We came home and I made supper for the kids while they ate and Christopher slept I did the 30 day shred workout....the 2nd stage is SO much harder and a really good workout I am sore ALL over. The kids watched a video they were pooped and without a nap. I made Neal and I some teryiaki salmon with asparagus and rice then gave all 3 kids a bath and now they are in bed and it's not even 8!!!! I'm hoping Christopher goes to bed soon too and Neal and I have a little quiet time.....and I need a shower :)
Happy Spring everyone!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Saying goodby....

We finally handed in our keys last week and said our goodbyes to yet another place. I miss it so much already....the space the brightness the quiet!!! This is just temporary though and one step closer to where we really want to be. 

A special BIG thank you those that helped us move we could not have done it without you. I ended up coming down with influenza right in the middle of it all and for two days I had a fever of over 103 degrees and was DEAD. I was non functioning and all I was able to do is take care of Christopher. It's also when he started to be really really fussy so it was not much fun at all. Neal took me to the emergency room that Sunday to get me checked out because when I looked up my symptoms it could have been a delivery related infection I was having all the same symptoms!!! Better safe than sorry and I was so glad when they told me it was just influenza!!! It's just not been fun at all though.
SO far we are loving being in Madison. I know it's too early to tell but it is nice being so close to!!! We have barely been here a week and a half and already have made a couple trips to the zoo. We might be going again tomorrow because they have a new baby lion cub there but he is only out for a couple hours a day and we missed him both times :(
Yesterday was a sunny day though it was not too warm but we packed a picnic and headed for the park and zoo. It's so nice to be outside again!!!
Neal and I had these for our treat and the kids had some chocolate chip cookies I baked earlier in the week.
Christopher all snuggled up and sleeping.
This is Conners Zoo outfit!!! He always wants to wear it when we go to the zoo but it is getting a little small. These glasses are silly but he got them with a kids meal at Arbys and he loves to wear them.
We also went for a walk along the lake

 I love that there is a park, the zoo, a beach, the lake all in one spot. I think we will be spending a lot of time there this summer.

A nice visit.....

Neal is going back to work and we are trying to get some visits in before he does. This week we headed to Iowa to visit his G'pa Ben and then we headed to Alissa and Lorens.
All of us at Bens place
Meeting baby Christopher
Aunt Alissa (uncle Loren was gone at work so we did not get to see him) treated us to Chuckee Cheese. Believe it or not this was my first trip EVER to a Cuckee Cheese. It was a lot of fun!!!

 reading books with aunt Alissa....shes a natural and will make a great mommy one day!!!
 A very proud big brother
One of very few moments baby Christopher was happy!!! I hope we did not change Alissa's mind about one day having kids...hehe!!! They are not all as fussy as ours and usually it does not last too long if they are this fussy (fingers crossed)!! AND you start with one not 3 :)
Conner the sore looser....playing games with this kid is IMPOSSIBLE!!! He is SO competitive (know anyone else like that) if he is not winning he either quits or throws a screaming kid. We have some work to do with this one.
My sweet baby Ethan....this little man is just too easy going sometimes. He was content playing with uncle Lorens tractors!!
We played some Wii games for a while which was a lot of fun. Even more fun to watch Neal and Alissa be silly!!!
Conner was a natural...
Alissa trying some gentle motion moves.....
I really got into the canoeing game!!!

Thanks for having us Alissa it was super nice!!!