Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lesson learned....

What my children were up too while I was doing THIS. Lesson learned....haha. Actually I knew what the two of them were up to and YES I chose to ignore it and take a little bit of me time.....and I've never heard them giggle more. Conner did get an explanation that that is not where ALLL the diapers go and that they need to stay in the dresser and well this has been Ethan's favorite thing to do lately. Every time I turn around he is going to his room to empty the contents of his dresser.

Yes they died.....

I got these beautiful roses from my mom and dad for my birthday!!! Although they are dead they still look absolutely stunning to me hanging up next to my refrigerator. Yes I'm trying to send a message to my husband....haha.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Big brother.....

I just love this picture....they are such good brothers....for now:)
Conner had really entered a new stage....he's really growing up!!!
At the park attempting to pull Ethan in our new cool wagon....thanks everyone we are ale LOVING it!!!

B-day bash take two....

We had my family over for Ethan's b-day this past weekend. Can't wait to have a bigger place so we can just do the party once. It was fun having everyone though. Once again I did not get too many pictures.....sorry!!!
My mom and Barbara with Ethan
Madzia and Katie with Ethan
 Eating his cake
Or eating the spoon

Busy Bees....

With this amazing weather we have been super busy.
Duck watching...
Welcoming spring with open arms....
Coloring with chalk....
Bike riding....
Swinging and visiting parks....
Going to the zoo....
Eewwwww.....I was not happy going to see the snakes tho.....boy do I hate snakes!!!
Playing with the awesome tent that Ethan got for his b-day....and just enjoying life!!!!

Ethan is 1.....

We have been busy lately so this is a little late. Ethan turned 1 on March 18th. We did his birthday photo shoot. Here are some fun pictures of our little man. 
 Thumbs up this one. 
My sweetness. 
Melts my heart.
Those eyes....
Those little hands.....

Some things to remember:
  • he is walking
  • talking (bath time, ball, up, night night, mama, dada,more)
  • loves to snuggle
  • LOVES to eat
  • loves it when daddy gets home
  • follows his brother like a littleshadow

Friday, March 12, 2010

Something we look forward to each night.....

We have this ritual that we follow every night. Neal gets home we sit down and eat our supper and talk about our day. Neal about his work and us about our adventures. I clean up after supper and we play for a little while then it's bath time. After bath we all snuggle up in bed for 30-45 minutes watching a video during this time Ethan usually either falls asleep or gets wiggly which means he is ready for bed so I just put him in his crib and he falls a sleep on his own. By the time 8:30 rolls around Conner is ready for bed as well and then it's mom and dad time. We love our nightly ritual....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My lil' construction worker....

Enjoying a quiet house....

The kids are taking a bit of an early nap today. They were both cranky and in need of some rest so I'm enjoying a bit of quiet and peace. Don't get me wrong I like the jibber jabber of my two sweet boys but sometimes you just need to collect your thoughts. They are having a boring day though because their mom has been busy doing laundry cleaning house making food. I did take a day off yesterday and I'm regretting that decision very much our house was a complete disaster this morning! It's raining here in our part of the woods. I like it though it's refreshing and it smells so good and just loving the idea of all the dirt and salt washing away. On our walk yesterday we were noticing the trees starting to bud just a little bit and I just got this feeling of renewal.  Spring is always so refreshing after a long cold winter. I'm finding that the older I get the more I dislike the cold. Time change this week will make it really seem like spring is just around the corner. We did wake up to the chirping of birds this morning.....not sure if there is a better sound to wake up to and certainly not Conner yelling in my ear "commmeeee oooooon mama giiiit up, lets play mom" ohhh wait I like to wake up that way too.
My list of things that I LOVE about spring
  • spring cleaning....yeas I really do love it!
  • perfect weather
  • rainy nights
  • everything waking up (including me)
  • being able to open the windows
  • the smell...I love the smell of rain and spring...nothing like it
  • longer days
  • being able to go outside without ooodles of layers
  • flowers....tulips, daffodils, violets ohhh and my favorite the little white bells not sure what they are called you can see them HERE though.
As you can tell spring is on my mind. I feel like it's here now and just looking forward to what's ahead. 

This just makes me happy!!! Haha ok now that I'm looking at this picture of these beautiful flowers I have to share husband will be mad at me but ohh well. Like I've said before I am an open book!!

The Conversation on the way home from meeting last Sunday:

Me: You know you used to get me flowers once in a while (this only came up because we have a florist in our meeting and he brought in roses for us ladies along with a message of hope) 

Neal: Yeah I used to get you flowers quite a bit (once a year is quite a bit for him)

Me: Yeah what happened

Neal: (a little pause) well they just die why would I give you death!!!

Me: (silence for most of the trip home) wow thanks for that hun!!! I will never look at flowers the same way again......haha. I tell ya my husband really is not a romantic.

Flowers still make me feel all fuzzy inside!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New griddle....

We had a fun day in Madison today. We started at the Sun Prairie Target......such a great store. I hope Neal gets a nice new one like that :) Exchanged our crappy baby gate into a little better one. Hoping that this one works better. It's a long tumble down the steep stairs of our apartment, a tumble Ethan has taken twice and already do to this gate. Checked out the grill we are hoping to get in the next couple weeks. I was going to get a painting for our living room with my birthday and Christmas money but decided that we could really use a new grill. Now we just have to wait on the additional 10% rewards to come in the mail and for the grills to go on sale and Neal brought home a $5 coupon today off a $50 dollar our purchase so we might just be able to get a good deal and at the beginning of the season too. We then headed to Bed Bath and Beyond I still had a gift card from Christmas (a gift card I was saving for my painting) and got an electric griddle!! SO excited about it we even tried it out already!!! We made some tuna melts.....yum!!! Getting up early with Neal tomorrow to make breakfast on it!!! It's the little things that make us happy :) Then we went to Borders to spend another gift card still from Christmas. Neal got some books for himself and even had enough money to get Conner a picture puzzle book and a cool magnetic book. Most of all it was nice to be out of the house and out and about. What a great day!!!
Neal and I even took the kids in the jogging stroller and went running. It felt so great to be outside and in the fresh air. We did our 3 miles and ran most of the time which was surprising to both of us since we have not run in a while. We will see how we will feel tomorrow probably sore.
Stopped at the park for the kids to play in the muddy wet and still partially snow covered playground!!! Spring is on it's way now though!! Can you tell this warmer weather is making me feel better I'm even motivated to blog again....haha. By the way the new layout is coming soon. I finished the Food blog design and the Creative Space one. They take forever but I've pretty much got it down now so it goes much quicker and I'm having fun with it now instead of getting frustrated :) Well that's all for now I think.....till next time dear blog!

Family fun....

This past weekend we had Ethan's birthday party. Neal's family was here to celebrate Ethan turning one!!! It was nice to have everyone here. Too bad that Mike had to work and could not be with us :( Don't have too many pictures but I did get a few nice ones! Thank you every one for coming and for the awesome wagon.....we love it and even tried it out already. Saturday after lunch we walked down to the park for a little bit the fresh air felt great.  Now next week my family will be here hoping to be a little better at geting some pictures taken of little Ethan!