Monday, December 28, 2009

Tooooo busy to blog....

It's been busy around here going from one visit to the next so I have not made the time to blog lately!!! I just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

ohh yeah....

We went to see the dr. this week. Both boys did very well with the 2 hour appointment!!! A little frustrating but I'm finally over Ethan had 4 shots and Conner had 2!!! Poor babies!!!

Conner is now26 pounds and 3 feet tall.

Ethan is17 pounds 5 oz and 29 inches long. He is now dropping off the scale just like Conner did at this point only in the 5th percentile!!! But at least he's not loosing any weight like Conner did!!!

Conner at 9 months was 16 pounds and 12 oz and 29 inches long!!!

OHHH YEAH and I finally asked about Ethan's left eye. It's not something that he will grow out of but as he grows it will be less noticeable. It can be corrected with VERY UNNECESSARY surgery. It's just a little muscle that is not working correctly!!! Not something that we will be doing or even considering I was just curious and asked!!!!

so quick....

I can't believe how quick he has gotten in such a short amount of time. I forgot how much work it is to have a crawling baby!!! Not used to it anymore!!! He is into EVERYTHING!!!! Conner absolutely LOVES this new stage. Loves to play with his little brother just sometimes does not understand that he can't do all the things that he does :( Soon though!!!

Ethans 9 month photo shoot...

My 2nd favorite

My favorite

It seems impossible that our baby is 9 months already!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I need cofffeeeeee....

Ok so 9 PM is a little late for coffee but I sure could use a little extra energy right now to exercise!!!! Speaking of coffee we have a little coffee shop here in town actually it's not just a coffee place they roast the coffee there and package it and it's AMAZING!!!! They also have really yummy food. They were featured on the Food Network for small business achievements. We went there this week because I had a coupon for a free # of coffee with the purchase of 2 lunches. Our whole place smells like this coffee it's that aromatic.....WONDERFUL. Also why I'm probably constantly wanting coffee these days.

AND speaking of exercise I'm trying to get back to somewhat of a routine with exercise. Not much that I can do but I have a couple exercise videos that I can follow. I am on a search for a treadmill so if you know of anyone that is trying to get rid of one please let me know. I need something that folds up and I can fit in our closet (we have a pretty big walk in closet). I've been looking on craigs list but so far no luck :(

Target is now open till midnight....sigh. At least it's only for a couple weeks. Neal will be working some overnights over the holidays too. I'm feeling pretty bad for him right now because he's just beat. Can't wait for January to get here but then his boss is pregnant and she is due in January so a lot of her responsibilities will fall on him and back to being crazy again....sigh. The joys of retail.

I'm going through this crazy CLEANING, ORGANIZING, RE ARRANGING, mood thing right now....ugghhh!!! Driving myself nuts!!! I'm trying to figure out how to make our living room cozier. I'm thinking that we will be here for a while now even if Neal moves to a different store we are hoping he can commute. SO I'm wanting to make it more homier. We want to buy a house again but with school loans now it seems unrealistic on one income. We like it here though :)

Well I think I have put this off for long enough on to exercising then off to bed before I decide I do need that cup of coffee.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm so excited...

And I just can't hide it!!! Neal has a day off tomorrow.....just a day but it's been TOOOOOO long. Looking forward to some quality time with him and the boys!!!!

Conner and his trains....

Conner enjoying his new train table....he absolutely loves it!!!!

Little eateer and a big eater....

Happily eating a blueberry muffin one morning!!!
Mum Mum is yum yum!!!
I'm not sharing with anyone!!!

Ok I realize that babies need a lot of food and they do A LOT of growing in their 1st year but baby Ethan just LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat....ANYTHING!!!! Not picky at all whatever I put in front of him he gobbles it right up!!!!

Conner on the other hand we just can't get to eat. I have started a little incentive type thing that has helped a lot but still having troubles!!!

It's been fun around here.....

sweet kisses
sweet hugs
Conner wanted me to take a picture of us the other morning. "mama take picture me and mama"
Now that Ethan is on the move Conner has a little shadow wherever he goes!!! Notice me playing teacher....we are on the letter D and it's been like 3!!! Conner is not too excited about learning his alphabet!!!
Little shadow!!!
more hugs
some biting
some peeking
All in good fun!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Conners b-day party....

Loren and Alissa
The smallest people in the house!!!
Mallory with a little crazy hair....those blue eyes though!!!
Conner opening his present!!! Everyone went in together and got him a train table...he LOVES it!!!
Opening some more presents!!!
Conner with mom and dad and his duckie cake that he picked out!!!

OK a few updates that I promised....taking me forever to get them out....sorry!!! SO last Saturday we had Conner's 3rd b-day party!!! Angie and Derek and their two kids Mallory and Tommy came and Alissa and Loren and uncle Mike came to celebrate with us. We were a little sad that G'ma and G'pa Sherman were not able to come though :( Conner had a blast (although he had a little hard time sharing his new toys). Here are a few pictures!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More snow....

Ok now ALLLL the snow can go away...we have had our fun for the next 10 years. Winter can;t be over soon I go wishing my life away :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Updates will have to wait....

Sorry guys I do have some cute pictures to share but don't have the extra energy to make it happen. Baby Ethan is really on the move now....I forgot how quickly they pick it up when they figure things out. Conner is actually loving it had a few moments where it was hard for him to share but doing well. He's been all about the baby lately. I was in the kitchen earlier making a cheesecake and Ethan was fussing Conner came running up to him and in the sweetest most concerned voice I have ever heard he says "baby what's wrong" then gives him a kiss and brings him some toys.....awwww. He is such a good big brother :) Melts my heart!!! We have been preparing for the baby on the move part for a while though....telling him he will soon have to let baby play with some of his toys and reading books about sharing. This afternoon Ethan crawled over to his NEW train table and tried playing with his trains ( a big no no right now since it's all so new) so he did get in trouble for that but I told him that baby Ethan will get new toys some day too and he will share with him....that made it all better!!! He actually went and gave him one of his trains!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

On the move!!!

I just called Neal to ask him to buy a baby gate. Ethan is officially on the move and crawling....little tiny crawls or he scoots backwards or rolls or while on all fours lifts his bottom way up in the air on his tip toes super cute. This is the moment when your baby really does not seem like a baby anymore. Time for ANOTHER

Fun updates coming soon so check back :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Let it snow!!!

W have white roof tops and white grass this morning and one excited little boy!!! I love the 1st snow fall but now it can go away PLEASE!!!!

I think it's fair to say that baby Ethan is on the move but still not!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SO cute!!!

Click HERE!!!

Happy 3rd b-day Conner...

I still remember the first time I felt him move in my belly. I was at work in a meeting with an attorney going over some paperwork for a closing!!! He sure was an active little boy from the beginning!!! Atty. Ubank had to ask me if I was ok because I just froze. From that moment on I felt a connection that only a mother knows. Every day he is teaching me to be a better person, patience, endurance, love, and so many other things. He is my baby and always will be but he sure is growing up fast. His 3rd b-day came much quicker than I ever expected. Wish I could spend the day with him ALONE but Neal has to work so I'm hoping next week I can take ONLY him for a few hours and treat him like the big boy and big wonderful brother that he is. Happy birthday lil man :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome December....

Didn't November just start. I remember a time when each month seemed like eternity and now I just want it to slow down. November was another busy month for us coming and going each day. Neals schedule has been busy and the kids have been keeping me running like a crazy mad woman :O ohhh wait I already am one. Thanksgiving was very nice we spent the morning at Neals mom and dads eating and eating and then eating some more. Then in the afternoon we stopped by at my sisters house for a little while. As you can imagine Neal worked the majority of the day on black friday and I spent the day recuperating. On Saturday the kids and I went back to Rockford again to my sisters house for a cookie bake off. Lots of fun and LOTS of sugar. I think I'm still coming off the sugar high today with a major ALLL worth it though. We made gingerbread man cookies, sugar cookies, shortbread ones, coffee ones, PB kisses, Polish delights (my favorite....I wait ALLL year long for those) chocolate covered pretzels and probably some other ones that I can't think of right now. And now the holiday madness begins and the end of another year approaches very quickly.

I'm sorry but I do not have ANY pictures to share with you from the holiday weekend. I know CRAZY and very hard to believe but it seemed like everyone was taking pictures and I really just wanted to enjoy my time without the camera for a change. I do wish that we got some family photos though since we were all together :( Another time I guess.

We are in Rockford again Everyone is gone and the kids are napping. I need to figure out something to do....maybe a good time to do some reading!!!!