Monday, February 20, 2012


I forgot it was Monday and I have supper all ready but no hubby!!! He usually works even later than usual on Mondays :/  SO we are waiting trying to hold off as long as we can. I did feed baby because he goes to bed at 6:00. I just wanted to share this with you guys!
 I've been working on this one for weeks. It's actually old pallets that we got for free and Neal cut down for me. It goes well with the whole rustic feel that I'm going with for the kitchen. I distressed them and stained them then wrote out the words. I'm making another one for the other side but this is kinda time consuming so it will be a while before it's gone and we have a lot going on this next month!
 also drew up a little plan for another project! Can you guys tell I like to be busy!!!
Peek :)))))

Just a quick post....

 Big stuff sitting on the trike....he was SO happy just sat there and watched all the big kids play. I think we had like 15 boys in our garage :) there are only 2 girls on our street the rest are ALLLLLL boys.
 I've come to the conclusion that his top teeth are never going to poke through. All smiles.....cutie he has had 2 good days in a row and it has been very refreshing after weeks of crabyness.
 I finished the box......makes our table look ppurty ;)
 This kid LOVES to eat.....he eats ALL THE TIME. He had 5 pancakes for breakfast yesterday :)
 Had a little fun with my paintbrushes and canvas yesterday......gloomy rainy days are perfect for that.
 I was trying to get the pout he was giving me when I was telling him not to touch the frames that were on the ground waiting to be hung.
I finally found some floating shelves for the bathroom. Got them at the project for humanity place for $3 painted them and they are just perfect. The little sign is what I worked on yesterday........ wash your hands mom said so :) love it! The star fish wood piece and shell we found on our last trip to the beach and the sand with shells is actually from our Hawaii trip :)) I also found some really neat coral on the beach that I wanted to use but it smelled SO SO fishy and I had to throw it away. I wonder if you can get rid of the smell somehow.

I hope that everyone has a good week I know we will only 3 more sleeps and our company will be here.....we CAN'T wait!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Our friends had their house Disneyfied. I think the episode runs on HGTV on February 24th check out their house get transformed. 
Miss you gus wish we were closer so we could see it :(

Friday, February 17, 2012

rustic box....

 Buy some cheap wood and have fun distressing it with hammer, nails or let the kids do the work then have fun with your hubbys power tools ;) nail and glue together.
 Conner and Ethan built their own with their tools.

 Stain the box whatever color you want. I had a really dark stain on hand from who knows when so that's what I used.
 I filled it with Styrofoam from our new chandelier.
 then I used the moss stuff again.
then I filled it with hidrangias that I bought at Michaels except I thought I would like blue and green but I don't so now I don't have enough green ones to fill it up all the way so I have to go back to return the blue ones and get more green ones. LOVE how this turned out and it will go so well with the signs that I'm working on for the kitchen.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Tomorrow I will not be defeated by my children, projects, house work, appointment, running errands. Tomorrow I will defeat the day and finish with just a little quiet time to myself and even possibly time to shave my legs ;) Tomorrow is a new day and I am so glad that this one is over.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

 Happy Valentines day everyone!!

We had a good day though we did not have a special dinner like we intended. We had KFC for lunch because we were out and about and we were all feeling kinda sick after so our special V-day dinner will be tomorrow night :)
 Making their v-day goodie bags for their friends :) such little things make my boys so happy.
 Our present to each other.....we no longer have to eat supper in the dark though now the days are longer and a lot of times it is still light at least when we start eating :)
 Daddy with sleeping baby
Sleeping babies are the best!

I hope everyone had a day full of LOVE....we did!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


baby it's cold outside.....yeah the 60s and 70s can come back now! I forgot to turn the heat on last night so we woke up to a COLD house this morning. Only 3 days of this cold I can handle that :) 
 yay the orange walls are gone :) we finished last night.
 I ended up going with a hole different color. I know you can't tell in a picture it almost looks like the other color.
 I'm leaving the butlers pantry for now the other color......cuz I'm lazy like that.
 ahhhhh......he was scaring us all. He used the extension ladder the first time then he used the kitchen table, step ladder and the extended paint stick for the 2nd coat. I could not watch.

Just finished baking all these....yummy. No not all for us they are for Neal for work another batch in the oven :) 

We had a good weekend just busy as usual. Neal just made popcorn for us so time for a movie with the kidos and some snuggles :) 

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here we go again....

Like I've mentioned I bought the paint for the kitchen well unfortunately once again they did not mix it correctly and instead of capuchino we got this cream color that just does not work at all. Grrrr too bad that I WASTED ONE FULL day. I painted the butlers pantry and the back splash ohh well. I went back today to see if they could re mix it but they just made it worst so they gave me a refund. Not sure what to do now if we want to try again for that color or go with something entirely different. I need to sleep on it it's to big of an area to just go for it and it's not easy painting with 3 kids. 
After...much better but just not the right color. It's hard picking something that will go both with the warm cabinet color and the darker gay counter tops.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Wow it's been a week since my last post and lots has happened but I've been tired again so camera once again has been on vacation. I think I need to go in for a check up I've been so dizzy lately and clumsy.....kinda of feeling weird but I feel like that when my anemia kicks in so that's probably all that it is. It's SPRING here and absolutely awesome things are staring to turn green flowers are blooming and it's really pretty. Not a dramatic transformation like up north after all the snow melts and all the rain but slowly it's turning green again.
 His favorite spot....our bedroom window and he loves to just run around in his diaper:) It was so nice last week that people were actually running their air conditioning. Us we just enjoyed the heat and sunshine.
 Big stuff is into EVERYTHING
 Starting to be really interested in what his brothers are doing but still prefers to be on mamas hip most of the day : / I should really have some huge arms at this point.
 Creativity at this house ROCKS
 Playing their saucer game....they love this thing
Conner and his girlfriend ;) these two are trouble! Our neighbors took us to an awesome park for the kids....we will be spending many mornings there I'm sure. We have missed our castle parks from up North. It always takes a while to discover all the little places/things to do when in a new place.
 Picnic under the 1,500 year old Angel Oak.....AMAZING!!! Yes it's just a tree but it truly is spectacular. I remember reading an article YEARS ago about this tree and thought to myself that I would love to one day see it. Now we can go have a picnic there any time we want :)

some history about the tree if you are interested.


SO I bought the paint today for the kitchen/hallways/butlers pantry/foyer so I will be busy for a little while with that. Neal will be helping me this weekend but I plan on staring some of it tomorrow on my own. So stay tuned for some updated pictures :) 

Movie and popcorn night here tonight....time for "nuggle" time for me and my boys :))))))))
Have a good week everyone

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to reality....

Neal is back to work today :( and none of us were ready for our little sleeping vacation to be over. I think we both were able to catch up on some sleep and it was fabulous but I have to say that getting out of bed this morning was really hard. We got NOTHING productive done like we had planed of course his vacation went from 10 days to 7 then down to 5 :( it was nice tho. 

It was a really really sad week for me tho I went through all 3 boys clothes.....sigh. Conner has completely grown out of 4T and Ethan out of 2T and baby is fitting into 12/12-18 clothes.  That alone made me want to cry. I'm really having a hard time keeping track of them outside because I'm not used to the new clothes and trust me when I say when all the kids are out it's a CROWD around here. 

The other sad part of this week was that we weened the baby......sad......sad......sad. He actually did really well it's me that is a mess. I was not ready at all not even a little bit.
One of our neighbors has a new baby a sweet 1 month old little girl. I got to chat with her a little bit yesterday and see the baby and that made me even more sad. I REALLY need to get rid of those maternity clothes and baby clothes because now that things with Christopher are getting easier I'm starting to want another one :)

Ok now I need to get to work and clean up this mess of a house....I was on vacation too all week and let me tell ya it's a MESS!