Monday, July 23, 2012

 The last few times we have gone to the beach Ethan and Christopher have been kind of scared of the waves and wind but we finally broke through that. Funny how sometimes a switch just goes off and things are ok. They both absolutely love the water now so our trips are that much more enjoyable :)
 Wearing mamas headband :) he took a tumble and scraped up his face poor thing.
 Fogged up lens....we have been enjoying awesome rain falls lately nice all day then in the afternoon it's been pouring so we get to play in the rain puddles.
 Many of our afternoons end like this kids just exhausted :) it was just too much for him to finish his PB&J one minute he was awake the next his head plopped down and he went to sleep :)

 Conner sharing his ice cream
 A very happy boy getting ice cream
 some of MANY MANY of Conners block creations
 Boys helping mom make a pie for daddy's b-day
 My little helpers

 He usually gets strawberry rhubarb but I could not find rhubarb anywhere but this was DELICIOUS
 Cool dude
 My 2 sweet babies. We went crabbing last week we figured we had to try it at least once and it was a really fun experience.
 We went on the pier under the amazing Cooper River Bridge but if we do it again I think we will pick a more quiet pier somewhere closer to the beach.

 the 1st thong we learned is that they need to be MUCH MUCH bigger.
 Ethan pulling up his catch

 Once again all 3 of them are just beat
 all cooked and ready to eat.....haha.....if you can get past all the EWWW gross parts the meat is SO delicious but once again we need to make sure next time we get bigger ones and throw the little ones back
Fun Southern experience......we were pretty funny looking up directions and how to videos. It's a lot of work trying to get to the meat :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Just some pictures....

 Baby zonked out :) sweetnesssssss
 Yeah my kids are little fish all 3 of them LOVE LOVE water

 This little man loves blueberries which is why we go picking often :) season is almost over tho :(
 We have been enjoying some games of croquet when the sun goes down and it's a little cooler...COnner has gotten pretty good.

 And Ethan tries pretty hard.....I mean look at that face ;)

 Fire and smores this weekend we plan on burning the swing set it's NOT SAFE
 Here MOM a present for you
 At the Home depot work shop...this month they did SUPER SUPER adorable trucks
 SOrry ens fogged can kind of see in this picture how Conner gave himself a hair cut. Yeah that was fun it's already grown in in this picture but it looked pretty terrible. Today I cut it again so the spot is all gone.
 Big stuff was building too till he saw the balloons then it was all over.
 How cute are those trucks :)
 My handsome boys
 Enjoyed a few beach days....Conner my surfer dude. Fearless in the water my little surfer actually knows how to catch a wave :)
 They still LOVE books :)
All for now I have some really cute videos but blogger is still not letting me post I can;t watch videos either on my computer so need to have Neal look at it :? I hope everyone is doing well :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Life lately....

Busy but in a really good way :) Just enjoying the sunshine and summer time. I give up on blogging for a while maybe when summer is over. I hope all of you are doing well sorry everyone for the lack of effort on my part I know many of you really enjoy the pictures but sometimes it just becomes too much.