Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting there....please vote....

Please help me decide on the new header!!! I can't decide which one to use....not sure if I like any of them might have to try and make some different ones!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little remodeling....

With my husbands help I'm doing a little remodeling!!! Hopefully I will be up and running again in the next few days!!! Come back soon to check out all the fun changes!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fort making =

One happy little boyOne happy daddy

Heat wave....

We have had a heat wave here these days. In the 30's so we decided to take the kids fun. I love to sled!!! Can't wait till baby Ethan is older and he can enjoy it more too but he did like his first encounter with the snow. He did the same thing he does with water....sticks his face in it.....brrr!!!

Conner LOVES the snow!!!

Guess who was here.....

Conner's favorite Uncle was here that's who!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I feel like I could sleep forever right now!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


4 new toothers have made an appearance. Thank you for torturing us for so many weeks and finally poking through. Maybe baby Ethan will now be a little happier than he has been lately :)

Looking on the bright side....

We hate it when Neal is gone at work and look forward to the time when he comes home

BUT....There are some perks....hehe. Like having a soup like this that Neal would not like but the kids and I LOVE. Full of vegetables, barley, tomato base, alcini de pepe, and dill weed!!!! All things that Neal will eat but does not enjoy!!!! Conner had 2 bowls and Ethan gobbled it right up, that kid will eat anything though :)

Other hapenings......

Look at that clueless face!!! He has no idea how to drink out of a cup but I am NOT going to a bottle and dealing with that mess later. I can now say that baby Ethan is weaned....YAY. It's been 3 days and I cut him off completely. For me that works best BUT OUCH. Still in pain but it's worth it. He is doing very well during the day we have no issues at all. At night it's another story he woke up before 4 this morning and never went back to sleep....he was just not giving in. That's ok though he will learn. I will be so glad not to have to nurse anymore :)
Ethan not enjoying Conner's drumming.
Conner's favorite thing to do lately is play drums on my pots and pans....good thing I can now take migraine medicine since I'm done nursing.
He does still play nicely and quietly ONCE IN A WHILE :)

Play time....

It's always fun around here at play timechasing....
I wish you could hear the gigeling that came along with this grin.....
some kissing but mostly biting....

some posing for mamas camera
pilow fighting and hiding under the blanket
BUT almost ALWAYS play time ends like this. Ethan screaming his head off and Conner hiding under the blanket like he is in this picture.

Cheri this is for you....

These my friends are Polish delights....ooohhhh how I love these. The holidays would not be the same without them. They are buttery, flaky, nutty, sweet and tart at the same time bites of heavenly yumminess. Yes my dear friends I do LOVE these!!!! I would post a recipe but man ohh man are they a pain to make and probably why I only get to enjoy them once a year :)

A sad end of the year.....

December 28th we lost G'ma Nadine. She had a hart attach a day after we had a visit with her and Ben a couple month back. She had a heart surgery but was just not well enough to recover. She will be missed so much. She was such a warm soul and one of those people that just make you feel warm and fuzzy and better after you spend some time with them. I will miss her warm hugs and infectious laugh. She is in a better place now though and not in pain. We will be praying for G'pa Ben as he adjusts to life without her. They did get to celebrate their 62 (I think) wedding anniversary....can you imagine 62 years.....WOW what an amazing full life she lived and we celebrate that.

Some December updates....

My sisters girls came to stay with us for a few days in December!!! Love to have them....such little mommies they are and Conner and Ethan LOVE LOVE LOVE playing with them. Can't wait till they can come again. We made rain sticks (MESSY but FUN) while they were here, baked cookies, watched movies, and had lots of fun!!!! Conner was WORE out by the time they left. The BEST part was that Neal and I were able to go on a dinner date while my sister watched the boys. An hour an a half away from them was all that I can handle for now though!!!!
Conner playing with the rain stick....he keeps asking me to make one so maybe next week I can get motivavted to deal with the mess and we can make little ones :)
The finished huh!!!

Madzia putting beads and feathers on her rain stickPainting
Yes Conner got to pain too :)
Paper mache!!
Filling the rain stick with rice....still finding rice on my kitchen floor....hahah!!!

Christmas Day we spent at Neal's mom and dads!!! Playing games eating yummy food and relaxing!!! What better way to spend the holidays!!!The kids all bundled up in G'ma and G'pa's bed watching a movie!
Angie and Tommy!!
They thought the game was pretty fun too!!!! I love this picture!!!
We played this new game that Mike was hilarious. I need to find out what it was called so we can get it too!!!
My sweet baby Ethan!!!
Alissa and Loren

We spent Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dads!Dziadzia and Ethan
Babcia and Dziadzia
My mom and her sister!!!
Ula, Steve, Madzia, Katie and Conner!!! Just waiting to open presents!!! Madzia and Katie came up with this idea to wrap Katie in a box and give her to me as a present....not sure how or why they came up with this idea but it was fun anyway. They carried out this big box (I had no idea what was coming) and when I started to open it Katie jumped out!!! Scared the heck out of me...SILLY GIRLS!!!
The dinner table and ALLLLLLL the yummy food followed. All 14 (I think) servings of traditional Christmas Eve dishes.

We celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary in December. Each year gets better and better!!!Still joking and laughing
sometimes arguing and disagreeing
but mostly madly in love :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear blog....

I miss you...........soon!!!!!