Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm often amazed at the talents that others possess.....THIS just blows my mind. WATCH it now you won't be disappointed.

Simple phrase led to many many thoughts....

The other day while Ethan was napping Conner Neal and I were sitting on our bed chatting and Conner just gave me a big hug and said "mommy your my best fwend" of course 2 minutes later he said the same thing to his daddy and then he said that same thing about his little brother Ethan. Made us grin just knowing that he really does not yet know what "being a best friend" really means. Still it melted our hearts and made me tear up.

I have spent a lot of time since then thinking. This simple phrase keeps coming back to me for reasons that I'm not willing to share on here but I just really do hope that some day he still feels that way about his mom and dad. That he can feel like we are his friends when he is growing up and can come to us for guidance, direction, help, or even just to laugh about something or to TALK about a situation that he is going through. I can't even explain how important this is to me and I hope that I as a parent can somehow show my children that I am here for them to listen to them and to really hear them.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Helping hands....

I am really missing not being able to have a garden. Although we always do manage to have some herbs planted in flower pots I do wish I could have fresh tomatoes, cucumbers peppers. This year getting a late start but we got some little seeds planted. You can see more pictures HERE.

Group shot......

Hoodlums.....hehe....sorry that it's so boring at our house girls but we loved having you !!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy as always....

The last 2 weeks went by in a breeze. Last week the weather was amazing so we spent our days mostly outside. Going to parks, lakes, parks, down to the river, parks, lakes......well you get the idea. Neal and I have both been running too which has made us feel much better and the kids enjoy the rides in the stroller as well. We went to the beach one day last week too, it was 80 degrees here (WOW) so we took advantage of the sunshine the kids got a little sun and LOVED playing in the sand. Ethan liked the rocks and eating the sand. I actually got sun burned and even peeled. Can't believe that on the 1st day of April I actually got sun burned :) We had our special meeting company last week too we had some yummy food and great conversation as always. Then Easter weekend Angie and Derek came up with the kids(wish I had taken some pictures). The kids play so well together and it's always nice to have them. Sunday night Mike came up to see us. It's been a little while since he was last here....he helped us with THESE beauties :) and of course the boys went to the park to play some basketball! Then this week I had my sisters girls for a few days. They were on their spring break! They got a taste of how boring it is at our house. The weather was VERY icky (it actually snowed) and ONCE AGAIN the boys and I were sick. We were also pretty busy so I did not get much planed for activities. Usually I have at least ONE fun project that we all do together but I just did not have the energy! Luckily we are on the mends now....well almost all of us. Baby Ethan is just having a really hard time shaking this cold that has been bothering him since December. Today was a bit of a catch up day. Cleaned the house, did laundry, went and got some groceries, made some calls I've been too busy to make and make stops that I have been putting off. Neal has been working EARLY EARLY days this week so he has been tires lately. Today he was out before the kids....poor guy. Sunday he has a LONG day....goes in 3 AM works till noon or 1 then goes back to work the overnight. He has Monday off to recover then has to go for his LAST SET of mock interviews in Madison on Tuesday. Luckily he was able to get out of working Tuesday night. Life just does not slow down...always something going on huh. Well now that everyone is bored to death with thispost here are a few pictures for you to enjoy :)

Helper #1

Helper #2

Together they are TROUBLE!!!!
What is it about bubbles that kids love so much!!!
Whats NOT to love I guess...look at the whimsical beauty :)
We went kite flying too....Ethan was much more into it than Conner surprisingly. 
Conner has been loving the swing which is a switch from last year.
Playing at the beach.
Taking a nap in the wagon....a VERY very VERY short nap. Too much to do too much to see.
My baby cakes and I...
Thinking about it then testing the water.....brrrrrrr. It was COLD:) A lady on her canoe pulled up to shore to chat with us and said that the ice had just melted the week before.
I love this picture!!!
Ok one more time.....awwwww...those toes!!!! He was watching his brother:)
Of course what would a trip to the beach be without bubbles.
Ethan excited that daddy could come and play after work :)
I love baby toes!
DID you ALL get A PICTURE!!!
This just makes me smile....SPRING!!!
See that little fall leaf floating away....spring is in the air!