Thursday, September 30, 2010

I have no words!!!
 Just pure so that's a lot of words :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's finally happened...

Ethan learned how to climb out of his crib....and it was a sad day for this mama for so many reasons.

1. My baby (who is no longer a baby) is growing up
2. Transition is never easy
3. Sleepless nights
4. Long long LONG bed time routines
5. Many trips walking Ethan back to his crib bed because he feels like such a cool man being able to get out whenever he wants.
6. Did I mention sleepless nights :)
7. Once upon a time he went to sleep on his own....those times are now history :p
8. My baby is growing up....ohh yeah that was reason #1

haha....this is actually a good thing. I can transition him before the baby arrives. Hoping that I can convince Neal to buy a bunk bed for Conner and Ethan. This way the two older boys can share a room!!!

Sweet baby Ethan don;t grow up too quick :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little update....

We have had a busy few days but this week the kids and I plan on slowing things down and just relaxing. Neal will be gone for a few days so it will be just the kids and I need to figure out what to do where to go so I do not think about him being gone. I hate it when he is gone!!!

I really wanted to enjoy this pregnancy but it is so hard to enjoy this miserableness. I now feel so sorry for women who have to go through this every time. I was also sick with Conner and Ethan but it only lasted a couple weeks then it went away. Well here is week 12 and I am still miserable. The nausea and upset stomach only goes away when I'm eating and comes back literally 30 min after I'm finished eating. Ugghhh not good for my behind at all. I lost 10 pounds the first couple weeks because of food aversions and throwing up and they are already all back. I'm choosing all healthy things but they do not really do the trick like bread or crackers and well those are not always the best. Ohh well the way I'm feeling right now I do not care about weight gain just making it through the day without spending it in the bathroom throwing up.

My camera is still on vacation so I do not have any pictures to share. We did have our convention this past week and I am so proud of my little boys they did so well that I could not even begin to ask for anything more of them. We got so many comments about how well behaved they were that it made my heart beam :) We stayed in a was fun but COLD!!! The nights were in the 40's so a bit chilly for us but we all snuggled up together and kept warm but it did make getting up out of bed a bit difficult. The kids LOVED sleeping in the tent though. One night it rained but the water stayed out of the tent so we were good. I'm not sure if I really slept the entire 4 nights there but it was still worth it. The kids and I of course came down with miserable colds....but at least as of right now Neal is well which is most important with his trip to MN. Well that's all I have for now. Neal should be home soon and I was suppose to pack his suitcase and iron his clothes....hehe....yeah have not gotten to far on that yet so better get to it ;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Exciting news....

Well I think that almost everyone heard our exciting news but to those that have not we are expecting a 3rd addition to our family. Our due date is April 5th but I'm hoping that I will be lucky enough to go a little early....wishful thinking I know. We are super excited and can't wait to meet the little guy, yes I am already convinced it's a boy!!! For the most part I'm feeling good though the nausea and throwing up is getting a bit old. I'm almost through the 1st trimester and already noticed I'm feeling better!