Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Tuesday nights STINK......especially now that Target is opened till 11:00. Wishing Neal was home....feeling UPSET with the holidays right now. that you all know how I feel!!!!

Kids are all tuckered out for the night and I will be joining them shortly!!! I finally have Ethan on a better sleeping schedule. It only took a month to get him to this point. He now goes to bed at 7 or 7:30 which is MUCH better than going to bed at 6:00 or sometimes earlier. Conner was the same way as a baby always went to bed REALLY early and woke mama up way way way toooooo early in the morning.

I finally had made my appointment for my spa treatment this past Monday (yesterday) and last minute I canceled again. Ethan is going through the separation anxiety and I just can't leave him or he WILL scream the entire time. He has NEVER had a bottle, I almost NEVER leave him with anyone and if I do its only for an hour or so, NO ONE has EVER gotten him to sleep before (not since he was just a couple weeks old) so yeah the boy is attached to me a little. I just won't enjoy my day of pampering knowing that Neal is listening to a screaming child no fun for anyone. SOOOO once again it will have to wait. After the new year for sure. I'm SO incredibly ready to ween him....just a couple more months....I can do this!!!! Nursing is getting very old!! At least he is a very good eater so I only nurse a few times a day and if he wakes up at night. That child could really eat all day long....haha.

Well I'm off to bed...till next time!!!!

Happy TURKEY DAY everyone!!!!


A great new song that I love. I hope you enjoy it too!!!!

Click HERE :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thanksgiving is in 4!!!

Hey does anyone have any ideas. I baked PB cookies last night and they turned out all flat they have a really good taste but even in the picture they looked risen but mine are paper thin.....I used all the right ingredients (I think) any ideas what I'm doing wrong I tried another spice cookie recipe a while back and those turned out the same way. HELP please. The only thing that I was thinking is that my baking soda is old?!?!?!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Got an Ethan in a pot....

Not even crawling yet but no matter how far away from the flower pot I put him it calls him draws and pulls him in. Likes to play in the dirt I guess. Conner loved mama's flower pots too :) Must be something about little boys and playing in the dirt!!!

yum my sugar fix!!!

Well we never made it out of the house's really icky cold and rainy outside so I did not want to drag the kids out. I did improvise and make these yummies though. Chocolate banana mini pies. So good!!! I want another one but will quit after having one...uhhh hmmm and a half or two or three. Love my little pie punches too and the new pie crust recipe I tried today is super good too.

I'm slacking with supper tonight. Forgot to take something out last night and then this morning....shame on me. SO we are having baked ravioli which I'm sure Neal will not be all too happy about. Whacha gonna do :P It's SUPER easy and I LOVE it so he will have to deal.

Ohh ohh....

I'm craving something sweet.....never good in this household. Kids are all dressed just need to get myself ready and we are heading out to the store to buy some things for a new pie recipe thing I want to try. PLUS I want to try THESE little things out that my wonderful husband took me to get on Monday. Haha well I took him he read his book the entire trip. A book that I might add he very well was his reward to himself for graduating and making it through LEAD in MN this past week.

Sunday best....

Conners request this morning was to wear a tie and then "picture this" take a picture of love how he's hugging the tie!!!! Holding on to it just in case!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ummm Ma Ma

Baby Ethan is saying the "mama" sound now and it's so sweet. Also going through the separation anxiety....ugghhh. Mama has to do everything and no one else will do :( He's still not crawling but won't be long now as he is rolling scooting and pushing up very well just needs to figure things out. He is pulling up on things though. Today he pulled himself up in his crib and up on my big plant pot right into the dirt. He was rather proud of himself!!!! I'm loving his sweet drooly kisses and snuggles....something I never got from Conner. He was just not a snuggler at all and really still has a hard time showing emotion sometimes....eehhh hem...know anyone like that. He tries so hard not to smile sometimes it's rediculous. sweet Ethan is calling mom mom mom mom so I gatta go give him some love :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dla Polskih czytelnikow.....

Z prawej strony dodalam "Google translater" jezeli jestescie zainteresowani to mezecie sobie pszetlumaczyc moj Blog. Nie jestem pewna jak dokladnie bedzie przetlumaczony ale mozna sprubowac!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


DO I convince Neal to drive 40 miles to get these or do I order them on line?!?!?!? I just hate paying for shipping and handling!!! Are these cute or what....Food Gawker is the!!!!! Now it's making me buy things too!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Neal has been asking me for more than a month now to organize our pictures so that he can reformat the computer and tonight I finally tackled the job and let me tell you it is A JOB. Sorting through hundreds of pictures labeling sorting making new files. About half way done but after 2 hours of looking at pictures I'm taking a break....haha. Fun to look at this past year and see my kids changing. You can see such a dramatic change in both of them it's truly amazing. It seems like just yesterday we were moving into this place and Ethan was born and now the year is just about over. WOW Thanksgiving is a week and a half away. And then the New Year. I think that this coming year we will see lots of changes in our lives some we are ready for others we wish we could postpone a little longer but changes come and they help us grow so I hope that we are ready to face them.

Friday, November 13, 2009

oooooo baby oooooo baby......

One of these babies and you are sure to go into a food coma :) We did but we had two JUMBO fajitas My husband is home and I could not be happier but man bring on the pounds :) His fajitas are the best though!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Stellan doing well.....

I can honestly say that I lost sleep over baby Stellan!!! I don't know how these parents or any other parents with ill children cope with it. I guess you have to find it in you to be strong for them. Here is a video of the interview with Stellans parents after the surgery. He is doing well :)

It's Thursday....yay......

Neal comes home tonight....can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Already almost!!

On Monday again we spent the day just playing with the kids again. Neal spoiled them with tons and tons of attention knowing he would not see them for a few days. In the afternoon the kids and I took him to the airport in Milwaukee to send him on his way to MN till Thursday night....and that time can't get here soon more day and he will be home. On Tuesday we had visitors. Angie and the kids came to see us!!! Made our day!! So nice that the kids can get to know each other and I loved the company and a little adult conversation. Come again ANY time guys!!!

She has the prettiest blue darling!!!!
A group shot at the park!!!
My handsome boy!!!
Going down the slide!!!
Handsome little Tommy!!! Every time I would try and take a picture of him he would turn most of them turned out blurry!!!
Made them a fort in the living room!!!
I set up Conner's choo choo train in the living room for them to play with. I was a little worried that it would cause more trouble than fun. But they did is Mallory taking her turn!!!

Conners b-day bash!!!

Although Conner's b-day is not for another 3 weeks Neal only has 2 weekends off till then end of the year (now only 1) so this past Sunday we had Conner's 3rd b-day bash with my family. He was so excited to have babcia and dziadzia and his cousins come see him and of course the presents and cake helped too!!!!Madzia with Ethan!!
Conner opening a present!!!
Steve and Madzia!!!My mom and dad with Conner!!
Katie and Conner!!
Blowing out the candle!!
I just thought this was cute Conner sitting next to uncle Mike watching the Bears game!!!
And of course the cake! I am NOT a cake decorator at all and making this was very stressful for me!!!

Saturday fun....

Once again the week is getting away from me. Saturday was an AMAZING AMAZING day. Funny how a little sunshine and family time can make a WORLD of a difference in ones attitude. Neal was home for the weekend and we just enjoyed the wonderful weather as much as we could and played and played and then played some more with the kids. We strolled the outdoor outlet mall walked down to Arby's for lunch went to the park and just relaxed. I love those kind of days. In the afternoon while the kids were napping Neal and I got things ready for the festivities on Sunday. Ohh and Mike came later that night too which just made Conner's day of course :) Here are some fun pictures that I took at the parkEthan LOVING the swing!!!
hehehe...he really is cute!!!
Dad swinging the boys!!!! Melt my heart!!
Playing with wood chips!
My handsome almost 3 year old!! Life needs to slow down!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I know some of you follow McMama's web site. Her little 1 year old boy almost died this morning, although he has a long road to recovery, he had a successful surgery that rid him of the SVT!!!! That little boy is a fighter :) Once again so thankful for my healthy boys!!!

I have lots of fun updates but it's past 11:00 and I need to get to bed so another time :(

Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's going to be a good day....

WHY....because I said do. AND the fact that I had a decent night of sleep. Went to bed at 10:00 Conner woke up at 3:00 so I had to get up and get him (too lazy last night so I just brought him to our bed) and he's still sleeping and it's almost 7:00!!! Ethan slept till 5:20 got up fed him and he fell back a sleep til 6:20.....this I can handle this is easy!!!! I'm sure Neal will give me a hard time when he gets up that I was OUT when he came home. I'm not even sure if I heard him.....haha. Must have needed my rest!!

The sun is coming up and I've been SO glad to see it shining. We have had so much rain here and so gloomy for a few weeks. Conner kept on asking me where did the sun go???? Is the sun sleeping???? Mama THE sun is hiding today!!!! When I got him at 3 in the morning he says to me....babcia and dziadzia coming....I eat cake!!! Peeeezents mama!!! haha maybe I should not have told him!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Warm weather come back....

I'm rather excited for tomorrow it's going to be a warm day almost 70 degrees. I hope that I can make enough time in the day to go running...I NEED to go running!!!! I need the energy boost that I get from running. Neal will be home for the weekend again so that will be AMAZINGLY nice. Then on Monday we take him to the airport :( Will miss him when he's gone but it's only a few days. We have Conner's 1st b-day bash Sunday so we are excited about that. I finally told him this afternoon that babcia and dziadzia were coming and his cousins and that there would be cake and presents he got so excited. I can hardly believe that my baby will be 3 in 3 weeks. Seriously how is that at all possible.

I got to go grocery shopping on my own this morning. Such a strange feeling not having the kids with me....the entire time I felt like I was missing something. There was actually room in the cart for groceries It was nice to get away for a little bit even if it was to go grocery shopping :) Ethan was not a very happy little boy when I came home. I picked him up and he just grabbed my face and gave me a big hug and immediately stopped crying......that was sweet but I still felt bad for Neal :(

Waiting for Neal to get home and trying NOT TO fall a sleep. He does not think that I can actually make it and be awake when he gets home so of course I want to prove him wrong. Lately I can barely stay awake past I'm getting old!!! But it might have something to do with my kids keeping me up at night and getting up at 4:30 in the morning. Ready for their internal clock to be reset . I've noticed that since I quit running my energy level has just gone DOWN so much. I need to do something this winter or I may be in trouble :) Well it's 9:09 and I'm not sure if I can make it for another 2 or 3 hours....I may just have to let him be right :)

night night...till next time.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I hate this time change!!!!

My kids are not doing so well with it and I'm not liking too much getting up at 4:30 in the morning. YES this is how much my kids are used to a routine. They eat, bathe, snack, nap, go to bed at the same time EVERY day and this time change really threw them off :P

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween....

Sorry but the pictures are all out of order. We had a super busy but fun Halloween weekend. We started the day by going to Daddy's work to show off the kids in their costumes. We bought these cool storage bins for Conner's Toys at 75% off but more on those another day. We then headed downtown Oconomowoc for some lunch. We found this great family restaurant that we loved. It was yummy, cheap and it had a great feel we will be going there again for sure. We then headed home for the kids naps. After short naps we went back to Oconomowoc for business to business trick-or-treating and then the Halloween parade. Came home to warm up a little then went house to house in our neighborhood. Conner had a BLAST!!!Ethan in his strolled just chilling while we were watching the parade.
The pretty sunset while we were trick or treating in our neighborhood!!!
The monster!!!

Conner not into the pictures at all!!!
Cute little duckie!!!

Our cuties!!!
My lens fogged up :P Conner sorting all his treats at the end of the day!!!
Daddy going door to door with Conner
Say cheese!!! Conner had so much fun. He did so well saying "twick-o-tweet" and "mank you" as soon as we would leave one house he would say "next house mama" and look "dadi more tweet"

Warming up in the car waiting for the parade to start!!! Conner staring up the car!!!
Conner practicing his driving!!!
Dad keeping Conner warm watching the parade!!!
Picking up candy at the parade!!!