Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quiet time....

I know that these days are numbered but I am enjoying some quiet time. All four boys are napping and I probably should be too but I think instead I will enjoy this quiet time and maybe fold some laundry.

Nice and comfy with his daddy :) 

I called and cancelled Christopher's appointment this morning. I think it's silly he is fine and eating well and now he is getting milk so I do not see a reason for worry. They told me that I NEED to come in we are going tomorrow now instead. I might just call and cancel again with another excuse. We will just go in for his 1 week check up.

Well that laundry is not gonna fold itself so I better get to it!!!

all 4 of my boys....

Yup they are ALLL mine and I love all four of them to pieces!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We are home....

First of all A BIG THANK YOU to G'ma and G'pa Sherman for watching our babies and even staying a little while longer so this tired mama could  sleep. The kids had a blast as always!!! They do love their G'ma and Papa very much!!!

Now on with the story and a couple more pictures. My awesome Dr. called me Monday morning and once again yelled at me for not coming in the Wed before when I was contracting. She wanted me to have that baby even more than me. Then she asked me to come in for an exam later on in the afternoon. Neal was home so I got the kids down for their nap and headed out. She checked me and there was NO CHANGE after all those contractions. I was still only at 2 cm and 70% effacement. While she was checking me she felt a contraction (and I had a few while I was in the waiting room) she stripped the membranes again and hooked me up to a contraction machine and did a stress test for the baby. My contractions were about 5 min apart and regular so she told me to head to the hospital. I called G'ma and G'pa and asked them to come up then headed home to pick up Neal. Once G'ma and G'pa arrived Neal and I headed for the hospital. We got there at about 5:30 and my contractions were still about 5 minutes apart but not getting any stronger. The dr. got to the hospital at about 6:30 or 7:00 and broke my water the contractions automatically got worst and 40 min later the guy was on his way with a epidural. I got the shot and was able to relax for a little while but not too long. My blood pressure dropped dramatically and I felt myself kinda dozing off and feeling dizzy and strange and also I felt like I was going to throw up. I told Neal that I was feeling funny and he called the nurses they gave me a shot of Ephedrine and that made me feel much better but it gave me the shakes. I shook SO bad that I could not even hold my cup of water. The shaking did not stop till about 3 hours after delivery. I had a hard time holding baby Christopher because of the shaking.  SO once we got all that under control they checked me and I was STILL not making ANY progress at all I was still stuck at 3cm so they gave me Petosen to speed things up. Once they did that things moved along much quicker I went from 3 to 6 in about an hour and 15 minutes later I was ready to push. They called the dr. at home and she was at the hospital ready to catch 10 minutes later. I only pushed through 4 contractions and he was out. It is MUCH easier to push out a 6 pound baby. Ok so a lot of it has to do with the fact that it's the 3rd one but still no tears no stitches will make for a QUICK recovery. I keep comparing Ethans delivery and Christophers delivery to Conner's......poor baby just had it rough and if I had known ant better at the time I would have been worried for him. I was SO hungry after I could have eaten a cow. I had not eaten since 11:00 lunch.....they put a brown paper bag with food in the fridge for me and told me to push for the sandwich that was in was a good motivator :) I never did get to sleep the rest of the night maybe an hour 2 at the most and I got only 1 or 2 hours during the day then last night Christopher was having a really hard time. He had a shot that made his feverish the anesthetic from the circumcision had worn off and he was HUNGRY and mama had no food for him. I was up basically the entire night. He is doing better now though he has lost 5oz in 24 hours so I have to take him in tomorrow for a weigh in. My milk is starting to come in so he will make up the loss quick I'm sure. He is doing great now and it feels so natural to have him home with us.We really made the nurses RUN this morning. We needed to be out of the hospital by 9:30 AM so that Neal and Conner could make it to the MRI (more on that later).
2 days before delivery!!! Well I did not meet either of my goals....haha. I did not stay under 25 pounds and I did not stay under 30 pounds. What can I say the last month is the hardest for me.....not sure why!!! I gained  a little over 30 pounds!!!!

First look at the peanut.....he was VOCAL he screamed for the first few hours of his life non stop!!! It made me worry a little!!!
Still screaming.....he looks so huge in the pictures but he looked so tiny I did not even think he would be 6lb

 Proud daddy bonding with baby....
 Get used to these close ups baby.....

 Sweet little baby toes and fingers....sigh......
 Super happy mama.....
Comfy on mommy's tummy....
 G'ma meeting her 6th grand baby.....
 The big brothers not at all interested to the new addition though tonight they did both finally hold the baby and kiss the baby and pet the baby :)

 My mom sister and the girls came for a little visit....
 I love this picture......

 G'ma Drozd meeting her 6th grand baby :)
 Madzia and Neal chillin....
And the little sweetness all ready to go home. The would not let us leave the hospital with the bunting bag in the car seat. I thought that was ridiculous. I guess it's a safety thing we used it with the other two and I don't see what the big deal is. Ohh well we took it off and just used it as a blanket. 

We are now home and it feels so good. I'm feeling SO feels so good to have my body back as stretched out as it is. I'm SO looking forward to sleeping on my tummy tonight and sleeping even if it is interrupted every hour :) Starting tomorrow I'm on a diet :p I hate dieting but once again I am determined to loose the weight. No sweets for me and healthy eating till it comes off then on to the toning again. I will get there though. It will help to have a gym in the building :) 

The MRI.....Neal took Conner alone and it's probably a good thing that I was not there because I would have a very hard time watching what they had to do to him. Poor baby.....Neal had to really pin him down to get the needle in his hand for the IV and that was after he had a drink to help him relax. He did not do well at all. They made it through it though and now we wait on the results. He came home a little loopy but after getting some food in his stomach a few snuggles from mama he was back to himself.

I have my new computer and I LOVE nice to have all the keys to type with :)

Ok I'm done off to get some snuggle with my new baby and then time for bed.....night night!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome baby boy!!!!

 Welcome to the big world baby......
Christopher Reid Sherman born March 29th at 12:04 AM 6lb 15oz and 20 inches long


Monday, March 28, 2011


One thing that I am looking forward to ONE day is maybe taking some art classes and enjoying a little more free time to paint. I did come across this picture this morning Heather Foust and it just made me smile. It just reminded me of my childhood friend it is so HER. From the eyes to the colors to the little butterflies in the nature lover in her. It also looks like something she would paint or draw. It also made me think of the fun times we shared together and made me realize how much I  miss her :( Funny how a relationship from SO long ago can really stick with you. Well we will always have email I guess :(

Sunday, March 27, 2011


If you like things to match and are looking for a new background I came across this blog that has TONS of free backgrounds and matching headers.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yes I AM STILL AROUND!!!! The stripping of the membranes has so far caused me to have a sleepless night and a lot of cramping that's about all. I did have regular contractions last night for 3 + hours that came EVERY 5-10 min but they never intensified and went away when I started moving. I should have just gone in even tho it was not the real thing like my dr. asked because she would have just given me petosen to kick me into labor but I decided to be patient and wait.

She called tonight at 10 to check in on me....I thought that was sweet of her. I have some belly shots but I don't like to load pictures on Neals computer and mine is DEAD taken apart into peaces. Neal salvaged what he could and threw away the rest. He did find me a new one that he ordered and it's on it's way.....yay can't wait :)))) It's a Toshiba like his and it should be great but than anything is an improvement over what I had.
 I found this computer tray that I really want to get but I just can't bring myself to pay $14 for shipping and handling. I hate paying delivery fees!!!! I think I may just break down and order it though but I will sleep on it first :) I may convince Neal to go to Goodwill tomorrow....maybe I will get lucky and find something I can use. He has a cooling tray for his computer and I could really use something for my new one to keep it from overheating.

Well time for bed.....night night!!! I should sleep least I hope I will!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We have had a COLD morning here. There was something wrong with our heater but it is fixed now and the house is quickly warming up. Good thing we had to be out and about in the afternoon.....the morning we just stayed bundled up in bed....nothing wrong with that. The landlord was able to fix it quickly for us.

I was sad to drop off my nieces last night!!! It was so nice having them as always.....thanks for coming and all your help girlies come again ANY time. Sunday night we made our own pizzas. I have been wanting to do that since I saw it on Melissa's blog....thanks for the idea :) They turned out great and it was fun seeing the kidos make their own and then gobble them up :)
 My handsome little man!!! He looks adorable in them!!!
Can we say mini Neal :) 

After I met my sister in Janesville Monday night I had decided to drive ALLL the way to Brookfield to pick up Conners glasses. I was too excited to wait any longer and I got the call earlier in the day that they had come in. He is doing SO well with them. Amazing how quickly children can adapt. I figured it would be a fight for him to wear them but he does not complain about them at all. Probably can see much better now. It was late when we finally made it home and it was a lot of driving but it was worth the trip.

Today was my appointment....I had to take the boys with me. My dr. as usual was running late and we waited almost an hour before even making it into the exam room thankfully once we did we did not have to wait too much longer. The boys were troopers and did great and behaved themselves. The appointment did not go as well as I had hoped. I'm still only 1 cm dilated.....grrr!!!!  The amniotic fluid is also still low (due to a partial tear and leak I had last week) so I have to continue to pay close attention to the baby's movements. I did get to have an ultrasound again though which was fun. Got to have another little peek at the baby for the 2nd week in a row :) She stripped the membranes today but since I'm not dilated more than 1 cm most likely it will not do anything. Going back again tomorrow afternoon to get them stripped again if that does not put me into labor the induction is scheduled for Wednesday!!!! I am cramping up pretty bad from the exam but hoping that I am tired enough to sleep and since I was up most the night last night I think I should be able to sleep.

We have been enjoying the warmer weather. The kids love to play outside and I think that they are REALLY ready for spring and summer. I am actually LOVING this rain right now....yes I wish it was warmer but I love the rain this time of the year just washing away all the dirt!!!! And I love the smell of rain and the sound of rain!!!!
And I will leave you with this picture!!! The boys waiting for their popcorn one night!! Neal was closing so I let the kids stay up late and watch Tangled and have popcorn in bed with me. This actually happens most nights that Neal closes :) Here they are waiting for their popcorn :) 

You can really see Conners lazy eye in this picture but I am happy to report that we see less and less of it. It's really improving....he skipped his nap this day and this picture was taken past his bed time. His MRI is scheduled for March 30th but I really think that the patch and glasses will work and he will not need surgery. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 weeks left....

I can hardly believe it....only 2 weeks left till the due date though most likely I will be induced this week due to a few more complications that occurred this week we will see. I'm still banking on April 5th for now though!!! My sisters girls are here keeping me company because they have no school tomorrow so that is nice. I'm actually hoping that they can stay Tuesday too so that they can help me with the boys when I go in for my appointment. Much easier if I do not have to take them in with me to the exam room but we will manage if I have to....always do :)

Neal is working a CRAZY schedule the next two weeks (unless the baby arrives) just all over the place. hate his schedule!!!! We are pretty sure our apartment was rented out so now we have NO CHOICE but to move....haha!!!  Nothing like a little added pressure!!! Still have NO NEWS from Target on the moving details which is really frustrating me. I just want to know if I need to start packing or if someone will be doing the packing for me. Ohh well one day at a time I guess. One day I will learn to live one day at a time.

This is what I found in our fridge the other day!!! Does anyone else have cars parked next to their bacon :) Bacon and not much else we were ALLLL out of groceries at the time!!!

Well I think I better hit the pillow it's calling my name. Need to catch some zzzzz so that I can have enough energy to keep up with the kidos tomorrow!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Ok this is the best headline ever......

Snake bites model in breast during a photo shoot. Snake reported dead of silicone poisoning.'s models are dangerous. I thoughts snakes were suppose to be poisonous and not people!!!

Finally some smiles.....

SO I am under the weather being sick myself and with the kids cold and the baby is BACK in a position where walking is very difficult!!! I felt so good for a week and now :p ohh well I am almost there.

I did manage to make a last minute cake and a special meal for us today to celebrate Ethan's 2nd b-day!!!We had bbq pork chops mashed potatoes candied carrots and of course Ethan's favorite crescent rolls with honey!! I made our usual chocolate cake with our favorite frosting and this time I used a raspberry filling and of course all finished off with a fancy set table. It was a special day!!
 My baby is 2
 Love that little grin of his
 tricky sparkler candles are the best
 I think he liked the cake
 finally some grins out of him today
 He finally got a baby to play with :) yes our little man loves babies
 More stuff for mom to pick up 

Now we are into the was the threes that were challenging for us with Conner so we are hoping for a good year. I am spent I need a shower but I'm not sure if I can stand up. Tomorrow we have our land lord coming to show our apartment to someone. We still have not really found anything but we do have one place to fall back on if we NEED to.....still hoping we can find something different though. Conner's glasses are STILL not ready and I was really hoping I could pick them up today :( maybe tomorrow!!! Off to shower then a little snuggle time with my babies before bed!!!

Birthday Boy!!!

It's my b-day and I will cry if I want to!!!
AND pout.....
AND I will NOT smile or look at you....
And this is how I feel in general about this whole picture taking thing mom.....

171 pictures later not ONE that I can actually use......not joking!!!! He did gladly eat the candy I fed him for bribery!!! Still a little sick and not feeling least I hope that this crabbiness, whining, attitude we have been seeing lately is part of the sickness and not an indication of how this next year will go. Happy 2nd b-day little boy our life would be boring without you!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My appointment went well this morning and I got my coffee fix though it is starting to wear off. I may need to brew some more to make it through the day!!! I am dilated 1 cm and the cervix has thinned!! SO progress has been made :) yay!!!

After my appointment I took Ethan to the park to get some pictures taken. He went from yesterday just being a little sick to today being completely miserable. He did not last very long at the park and I really did not get any pictures I LOVED but these will do and if I he gets to feeling better we will try again most likely indoors since the weather looks rainy for the next little while :( 

 I just posted this one because it really shows how he was feeling....shiny eyes, droopy nose, and a little tear dripping down his cheek!!! Poor baby!!!

 Now the kids are in bed trying to fall a sleep for their nap. Neal left for work and I am trying to motivate myself to jump on the elliptical for a little while. Might need a little coffee though for that extra boost of energy. On my way home from the park I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some fresh salmon and asparagus and Neal threw in some sweet potatoes in the oven when I was gone. It was such a delicious lunch.....the perfect spring meal. They have fish on sale at our grocery store right now because of Lent so I really got a good deal on the salmon :)

Well off to get me some exercise!!!!

Early morning.....

Well it's not even 6 and I have been up for 3 1/2 hours already. I think it may be a long day!!! Conner had an accident and peed the bed and since he was sleeping with Ethan he got him all wet as well. SO I had to get both of them changed and dressed and stripped the bed then I carried them both to our bed and tried going back to sleep Conner was out within minutes probably because he is on night time cold medicine (also why he wet the bed I'm assuming) but Ethan was just having a really hard time falling back a sleep and has been tossing and turning and kicking me and coughing like crazy. He just finally fell a sleep and I decided to just get up not like there is any room in that bed for me anyway. They will NOT snuggle with dad so both of them just slowly scoot towards me till I'm literally hanging of the bed. I got frustrated and just got up. I might have to make some coffee and maybe clean things up before they get up and do laundry then head to my appointment. It's going to be a nice day so I'm hoping to go to the park with the kids and maybe get some pictures taken of Ethan!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some pictures....

Why is it that when kids are sick all they want to do is be in Mom and Dads bed!!! At least our kids do!!! Conner is just about all better Ethan is just starting with the cough congestion and a little fever!!!
Look at me Mom I'm sleeping like a sloth :) 
My new FAVORITE pizza....this was so good that I could have eaten the whole thing by myself. Chicken Alfredo!!! I marinaded the chicken in olive oil, lime juice, salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder then grilled it. I made the crust and used just store bought Alfredo then for the sauce for  the topping I used fresh Mozzarella cheese a little cheddar cheese the chicken fresh basil and just a little oregano. yummooooo!!!! I don't have an actual recipe so I won't be posting this on my food blog!!!
My sweetness....getting to big tooooo fast!!! Actually he has been a terror lately!!!
I made these today I was really craving something sweet and wanted whoopie pies....not sure why I've never had them before but they looked so yuummyyy!!! I did not have all the ingredients at home and Neal left with the car seats this morning so we are stuck at home not that I would actually go out to buy what I needed to make them. I am working on clearing out the cupboards for the move and needed to use up my almond meal so this is what I made. Chocolate French Macarons with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Genache....also don't have a recipe for these I just threw things together but they turned out delicious.

Well Ethan FINALLY went to sleep but woke up Conner from his nap so I think I may take Conner outside to ride his bike for a bit while Ethan naps. It's such a nice day today!!!!