Thursday, November 29, 2012

Conner's room!

I finished the picture for Conner's room today. For his b-day we are finishing up his room. We switched the bedrooms all around a few weeks back now so Conner has his own room and Ethan and Christopher are sharing a room and are in the bunk beds. Conner has been asking for me to paint him a picture for his room for a really long time now. I got him some other neat stuff and on Monday we are going to set it all up when he is at school. Can't wait!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another Thanksgiving here and gone. I hate the holidays so much. We did manage to have a pretty yummy lunch. I made 3 pies Thanksgiving morning :)

 Neal worked all night but the amazing daddy and husband he is got up after just 4 hours of sleep to have lunch with us. He napped a little more then headed back to work for another all nighter. He also came down with an awful cold/flu type thing. He has been so miserable and just the worst time for him to be sick....I feel so bad for him just 2 more days and he had a day off to sleep rest and just catch up.
 Baby was SO ready to eat all morning kept on sitting down in his seat.
I made way more food than necessary. I made a 14lb turkey and yes it was ALL gone the 2nd potatoes, fresh green beans, gravy, stuffing, home made dinner rolls. It was all so very yummy. I put on almost 8 pounds in one Yesterday Conner asked me if there was a baby in my tummy....haha.....that was a good motivator to get back to better eating I have not had a slice of pie since ;)

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A family visit...

 My mom and dad came for a visit the 1st week of November. It was their first time here and we are so glad that they were able to come see us. I found tickets for a very reasonable price but they did have to fly to Myrtle Beach so the kids and I drove out to pick them up. Not a bad drive at all but it would be much nicer to just fly to Charleston.
 We really lucked out with the weather it was just about perfect. It has since cooled down but still in the 60's so can;t really complain for this time of the year. MUCH cooler than it was last year this time.
 We did the Home Depot workshop of course :) Could not miss it.
 We headed to Folly Beach pier for some fishing. My dad loves to fish so I had to make it possible for him to get to fish in the ocean. Luckily the pier had pole rental and one day fishing passes.

 Started out a bit chilly but before noon we were all hot.

 While Dziadzia fished and Neal napped/read his book on the bench Babcia the kids and I went for a stroll on the beach.

 Dziadzia actually caught 6 fish but nothing big enough to keep :/ and no

 Making sand angels.

 We visited the Angel pretty!

 A LONG walk on the beach!
 Yup we live here :)

 Dad found some star fish.

 Sigh looking at these makes me want to go to the beach..... a little too cold for that this week I REALLY hope that it warms up.

 We visited the aquarium of course but SO SO disappointed that we never made it to the actual downtown Charleston.

 We had a bonfire one night and roasted hot dogs and marshmellows.
 We had a great time and are so glad that they came out all the way down here to visit us. We hope that they can come back again soon :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I attempted pictures again....long overdue. I got a few good ones but Christopher was super crabby and I did not get any of him so we will try again on Saturday. 
Here is what I got so far. 

Are they cute or what :)

First Field Trip

 Conner had his first field trip last month. Neal was out of town all week and I was so disappointed that I would not get to go but Neal surprised us and came home early and last minute his last trip got canceled Friday morning so I was able to go. I was so excited :)

 His class and teacher on the right and on the left is the teacher assistant.

 We hear a lot about this little girl......they were glued to each other the entire time :)

 Miss Chipman and Conner.

I hope that I get to go on the next fun. 

Conner is LOVING school and has grown so much. I still can't believe that he is READING. He has worked very hard and is just doing so well. Most of all I'm proud of the fact that he is not a follower it has been brought to our attention even by the teacher that when he sees other kids doing something that they are  not suppose to he does not take part but even tries to come up with different games/things that they can do that would be better. He has really opened up in class too which was my biggest concern so over all we are super proud of our little man. I do miss him SO much every morning tho and so do his brothers but glad that he is having fun days at school.