Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ok people it's only been a week and a half.....cut me some slack here!!! I have a few pictures but not too many my camera has been on vacation :) I do not make any promises about blogging regularly....the internet here is SO slow and I'm not the most patient person in the world but I will try my best.
 Me and Conner being silly WAY in the back of the van on our way out to eat :)
 While Gwandma and Mike were here we went out to eat at this place RIGHT on the was pretty neat I have to say after supper we walked out to the dock. We did not make it out early enough for any dolphin citing it was pitch black by the time we were able to walk out to the dock.
 Just cuz I think this is cute.....little man does not like for mama to eat!!!
 We made it out to the beach a couple times love it!!! Conner is just a little fish and completely fearless Ethan is still a bit unsure about the waves.
 Wow we do not have many family pictures but just looking at it makes my heart skip a beat....I am so lucky that this is my little family and looking at this picture it seems a little unreal that they are all mine :) This picture was out of order it was out on the dock after supper. 

 This one is out of order too...grrr....too lazy to fix sorry!!! Gwandma with the kids. Once again a HUGE thanks not sure what we would have done without you. Duh Gwandma with explanation coming soon. By the way Gwandma Ethan stripped down to ONLY his green frog boots and went in the FRONT yard to pee....haha....I just about fell over laughing but that has to stop NOW.
 A few beach pictures....

 I got my herb garden started..... I had to dig a huge hole in the clay dirt and fill it with some good soil but hopefully that does the trick.

 Another night wee went out to eat at this place. We were a little worried when Morgan freeman (our celebrity GPS voice) took us out to the middle of nowhere....the road literally just stopped and turned into this gravel path and just when we were about to turn around we came across this SHACK of a place that turned out to be AWESOME.....we will be going back for sure. We got to eat and watch the sunset out on the patio overlooking some swamp pretty!!!
 Kids have a little swing set in the back yard.....just need to get a slide for it.
 Finally have our hammock out of storage again :)))) and a prefect spot for it right under out palm tree. I planted another one in the other corner of the yard but it's much smaller.
 This is our awesome screened in porch....we have a cool plan for this and can't wait to get started.
 Hmmm....another one out of order sorry!!! This is the formal dining room....finally got it all scrubbed and cleaned out.
 Boys helping me dig a hole for the peach tree.My hands still hurt from digging ....WOW it's like ROCK!!!
 The back of the house.
 This is kind of a view when you first walk in....straight in is the eat in kitchen to the right is the formal dining room then the half bath then kitchen to the left is the hall closet laundry room and garage entrance then the living room. The 2 story foyer is really neat with an awesome chandelier.
 We have a butlers pantry and this is the vie from the kitchen through the butlers pantry into the formal dining room.
 The kitchen from the living room....finally have room for our HUGE kitchen table's also been sitting in storage it has 2 more leaves that can be's awesome just need to get kitchen chairs some day :) I have SO much cupboard space most of them are empty.ALL of those plus the island the butlers pantry AND another closet pantry!!!
 View from the eat in area into the butlers pantry.
 Foyer from one angle.....
The other side....the door is to the bathroom just a small half bath!!!
More pictures coming as I get it cleaned up more....hoping to get the living room all the way finished tomorrow but I have LOTS of running around town to do and with 3 kids it may take me well into the afternoon. The house is in great shape just DIRTY.....I have bees scrubbing all the doors and trim with a scrub brush and it looks much better but all it really needs is MASSIVE amounts of paint and just some lovin :) 

You know if I ever win the lotto (which I wont because I don't play) but if I did I can't think of anyone else to enjoy it with other than Neal and my babies. This house is our little lotto right now and without Neal it's nothing but a big I've ALWAYS said money/things do not bring happiness it's love and contentment that brings true joy. Missing my hubby very much and wishing he was here with us or that we were there with him and I know it's MUCH harder on him because he is away from his babies too. Things will work out soon and he will be here with us again in no time at all.
 This is the front entry....I already got some flowers planted so hopefully they start to fill in. This was just weeds when we moved in.
This one is for hubby....c they look very cute I got a few put together. You can make them taller too or turn them into a totally different light.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

oopps....forgot to eat....

I've been busy....busy packing, cleaning, packing, cleaning. I want to be really prepared for tomorrow so that we can load the truck FAST and then REST up for the long ride to SC. I'm almost done, windows have been washed, almost everything has been packed up, suitcases packed, cooking our meal for tomorrow so that I don't have to worry about that. Most of the cleaning has been done too so I feel prepared. Boys are having fun DECORATING the boxes with stickers, crayons, stamps and building mazes and tents. Conner is a pro at this but Ethan seems a little confused this time around his little head is spinning....thinking....wondering.

I'm a little stressed...OK OK A LOT.....but that's normal for me :) Now time to go eat and then back to work after all Christopher just fell a sleep and I have FREE HANDS.....hallelujah!!!!