Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's done....

SO you ask what have I been doing the last month and a half......wellllll......every free minute (and there are very few) I have been painting. It's DONE well ALMOST done I just have the trim work and attic door left but it has been patched and sanded I just need to paint it it's even taped already. I painted FIVE doors trim work in the hallway upstairs and trim work down the stairs and the bathroom. I painted the spindles on the railing upstairs and trim work around the railing Neal painted the ceiling in the foyer and finished the trim work around the ceiling in foyer along with the walls in the hallway and stair way. AND if that was not enough I painted the kids bathroom which turned out AMAZING. I did wide 12 inch stripes in their bathroom and it looks so neat. NOT fun painting stripes in such a small space though but WELL worth the effort.


Yes I need a break from the paint brush. But the next room will be the living room Neal absolutely hates the green that is in there but I have not been inspired to do anything with it. I have come up with a plan and I'm really excited to get started now but not for a while at least a month :)

So I will have a little more time now for blogging and sharing some pictures again though we do have A LOT going on this month and July. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Just some pictures

playing peek
Conner helping baby ride the train
I have been enjoying MANY fresh cut flowers from OUR garden....LOVE IT

Sleepin with daddy
Cool dudes
we have a nest in our hanging basket and there are little baby birds now :) I will have to get a picture they are so sweet
Helping mama make vegetable soup one day

More flowers :)

Before hair cuts
he was pretty proud of himself
and very happy

Thursday, June 7, 2012


 We went blueberry picking today and it was pretty awesome. This was more like a blueberry orchard it was very neat and I have NEVER even heard of blueberry trees but these were literally trees and not bushes. Really neat.

 SO SO juicy and sweet and tomorrow I will be making scones for sure :)
 I love how Conner is peeking from behind Tripp

 SO neat.....we will be going back VERY soon :)

 Brothers :) our neighbors from down the street met us there....these boys were very diligent in filling up their baskets and bellies  ;)
 Baby Christopher probably ate more green ones and a whole lot of dirt but enjoyed himself quite a bit while doing it :)

 the group minus Christopher
 W went home made lunch  then I packed up got all the kidos dressed and we headed for the pool. We have been going just about every day for at least an hour. We did not last very long today tho we had quite a bit of rain lately so the water was a bit cold.

 We came home kids made themselves a "home" tent with as many blankets as they could find and requested GREEN cupcakes.
So of course I made them green cupcakes. Yeah they are spoiled :) but they played so nicely that I could not refuse. 

Now I'm gonna go snuggle up with hubby and watch a movie the house is quiet after all and who knows I may even have another one of those green cupcakes.

Friday, June 1, 2012

just a little update...

I just took a sleeping pill and I'm drinking sleepy time tea so not sure how far I will get on this post....haha......might just zonk out. 

I'm not sure what happened to May.....C R A Z Y. I feel like we just skipped right over May and it never happened but so much did happened in 31 days that I don't even know where to begin. I'm not even going to begin to recap any of the happenings so I will start just by sharing a few pictures. 

I took the kids to the aquarium the other day...haha....I wanted to say yesterday but it's been like 3 days now. Seriously where does the time go. 

 Baby stuff is walking now I have a video coming soon maybe even tomorrow we will see how the day goes. Lots to get done tomorrow and Neal is of course working :/
 The Nadagascar exhibit is now open and VERY neat so the kids had fun exploring all the new animals.
petting a BIG bug thing. I want to say it was a cockroach but I'm not positive. Not easy keeping track of 4 kids in a VERY crowded place :)

 watching the dive show
 petting the star fish of course
 and the brave guys petting the baby crock

Waiting for the 4D movie. Not a good idea baby was NOT at all happy with the loud noises but what really freaked him out was the water spraying. The only kids that did well was actually Ethan but I think it's because he was the only one that was just small enough to avoid all the 4D affects :)
 Playing in the fountains
 After the aquarium we drove downtown to the pier and had a picnic right on the harbor then walked around a bit.  We waited for 20 minutes for a swing and FINALLY the girl got up and this older couple STOLE the seat from us. I was not happy and I had to tell the kids we just needed to head home :(
On our way back to the car we saw a group of dolphins which is always pretty neat.

It was a fun day we will for sure do it again. 

I am finishing up the hall mess still. I am SO close to being done now just need one more coat on the spindles of the railing then the trim work around the attic entrance and the hall WILL BE DONE> I am ready for it to be not it has taken forever. I am really starting to get drowsy and Neal just got home so I will leave it at that. I promise I will do better in June at updating. I will try my hardest anyway ;)

Awesome find......

I am beyond excited about this find. We have had folding chairs in our kitchen for almost 2 years now but we have not wanted to spend $100 a chair because we wanted at least 8 for our table. I have been searching and searching. Early this week I FINALLY found some a lady had 8 and was willing to sell them to be for $200 which was VERY reasonable. She was almost an hour away so we packed the kids in the truck and were on our way over half way there she sent me a text  that she changed her mind and did not want to split the set up (table and chairs). I was so disappointed. Well 2 days later these chairs were posted on a Facebook site I've joined. FIVE DOLLARS a chair I bought 14 :) they are library chairs solid oak and in great condition there is only one chair that has a name (JOSH) engraved in it but you can hardly see it. I bought 14 chairs for less than the cost of one store bought one....and I absolutely LOVE THEM! Patience has paid off!!!
  SO now we have 10 in the kitchen then another four in the formal dining room
They were simply made for our kitchen :)